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6747 OMAN CTORLANDO, FL 32809 United States

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Mission Statement

The mission of Miles Of Help Though Christ (MOHTC), a nonprofit charity dedicated to helping the indigent poor, homeless and under privileged class in Florida is to provide prayer; donations in the form of food, clothes, and toiletries; referrals for employment and eventually transitional housing, all in the interest of guiding people into a progressive and personal relationship with God and a productive life in society.


We are an inter-denominational group of Christians, from that came together via different social service websites for the benefit of those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We formed as a group on February 6th 2010 on a note in response to what became the glamour of giving for the hurricane Katrina disaster. We have homelessness, hopelessness, loss of faith, hunger, poverty, mental & physic ... al disease right here at home. We do not stand against helping nations in need, we are just standing up for those in our nation in need. Charity begins at home. The voices that will not be heard because society has stereotyped homelessness as a self inflicted state of life. Homelessness affects people of all walks of life, nationalities, beliefs, and ages.

While some individuals are drug-addicts even the situation that led them to that phase in their lifes has a painful story attached. In today's economic state worldwide many individuals who are now homeless are unemplyed professionals or veterans that served our country well. We are here to raise awareness, to change the attitude of many who bleieve "they did it to themselves." Imagine if Christ had that attitude against us. I thank God, that He loved me enough to give me other changes. A relationship with God is a process. I invite you to the next level in which God calls us to love those we neither know nor care about.

We are seeking support to acquire a three building property: a 2 story building with elevator which will serve as an alchohol and drug rehab, offices, in-house employment agency and medical. The second building is a community center which will serve in the evening as a training facility for adults and in the afternoons as an after school math and reading center for children. The third building which requires much more work will be used as a transitional home to get individuals from the street into their own homes via the aforementioned programs.


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