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Mission Statement

The mission of CJUI is to educate and to mobilize Christians and Jews to take united actions in support ofIsrael.

We base our support ofIsraelon our shared Christian and Jewish values. CJUI seeks to defend and to promote liberty and freedom for ourselves and for future generations inAmericaandIsrael. These values include but are not limited to our support forIsraelas the national home for Jews with a unitedJerusalemas her capital. We support the right of Jews to live peacefully anywhere in the Biblical land.

The partners of CJUI support the ideals and goals expressed in the great founding documents ofAmerica. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,Libertyand the pursuit of Happiness." The actions of CJUI are guided by these principles in pursuit of the following objectives.

(a.) To promote dialogue between Christian and Jewish leaders and organizations and to maintain collegial coordination amongst such groups and communities. To emphasize the values which bring us together as citizens of theUnited States.

(b.) To educate based upon facts derived from objective, accurate methods and protocols without bias or prejudice. To oppose moral relativism and those who apply inconsistent standards, twist facts and seek to deny or change history.

(c.) To promote the value of life, the equality of humankind and the due recognition of the rights of men, women and children. To promote the special and universal duty to protect and to nurture children and to oppose hate education.

(d.) To give material and spiritual support toIsraeland to Christian and Jewish communities inAmericaand throughout the world that are under attack by those who are intolerant and biased.

(e.) To protect and promote the historical record of the ancient Jewish connection to thelandofIsraeland to the City ofJerusalem, as the heart of Judaism. To protect the integrity of all Christian and Jewish sites in a unitedJerusalemunderIsrael’s auspices and to protect the integrity of all Jewish and Christian sites throughout the Biblical land underIsrael’s auspices, so that access to all is secure and respectful.

(f.) To promote the freedom of worship for people of all faiths without violating the rights or safety of others.

(g.) To identify and name all individuals and groups that perpetrate evil and unjust acts.. To create an effective alert system to inform and to educate the community to take actions against anti-Israel groups.


We support Israel - her right to exist as an independent, undivided nation, in peace and security. We accept and respect all persons, regardless of faith, who support that right.

We are not affiliated with any political party, either in the United States or Israel; nor do we support any particular strategy or direction that we think Israel "should" take - that is up to her people and her democratically elected government. We do support a united Jerusalem as now exists, however, as that is the only way to guarantee access to persons of all faiths.

As anti-Zionism and anti-semitism are intrinsically related, we also work against anti-semitism in all of its forms.



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