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Mission Statement

  • Partner- To meet the immediate and long term needs of disadvantaged, disabled, and at-risk youth in our community through charity and goodwill
  • Prepare- our youth for success by helping them build a strong set of values: self-respect, self-discipline, purpose, and accountability
  • Persist- and expect greatness. By being active, responsible, and respectful in the outdoors we offer our youth an alternative to street life, drugs, gangs, and other self-destructive behavior.
  • Prevail- Our next generation is our legacy


We are a Non-Profit Organization who raise funds through donations, sponsorships, and grants (private and public) for programs that offer assistance to our beneficiaries- low-income citizens, disadvantaged children, and disabled American Veterans. Administered by our qualified staff, these programs are intended to improve the lives of beneficiaries in the best classroom setting ever conceived, the great outdoors! Many positive life lessons and skills can be learned from our interaction with nature. For many, those opportunities simply aren't possible without help. As a coalition of adventurers, naturalists, and socially responsible professionals, we are committed to providing such opportunities for that interaction to occur for everyone regardless of physical or financial barriers. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Help us give them the skills, knowledge, and respect for the natural world every good leader needs to succeed. Your donation and volunteerism is greatly appreciated.

Most of our programs consist of outdoor, skills-related components, in addition to life-skills improvement. For example, we offer skills and safety courses in kayaking , rock climbing , bicycle proficiency , hiking / backpacking , and wilderness survival.

Anyone is invited to sponsor our programs and by doing so, participate in the numerous adventure courses and trips alongside our beneficiaries. You may even be a student in a course taught by one of our program graduates!

Not only do we promote outdoor activity, but we do so responsibly. While offering the out-of-doors experience to everyone, we understand that our interaction with nature can adversely impact ecosystems. That's why we limit the size of our groups, refrain from motorized travel whenever possible, and work side by side with environmental groups and governing agencies to ensure open spaces are kept healthy for future generations to enjoy.



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