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Mission Statement

Time Bank Mahoning Watershed aims to establish a network of members, groups and communities based on "Time Credits" the currency of equally valued services, the exchange of which empowers individuals to utilize their assets to enhance their lives, neighborhoods and communities.


FIVE - Core Values and Beliefs:
TimeBank Mahoning Watershed bases its decisions and actions on the following core values and beliefs:

We are all assets. Every human being has something to contribute.

Redefining Work:
Some work is beyond price. Work has to be redefined to value whatever it takes to raise healthy children, build strong families, revitalize neighborhoods, make democracy work, advance social justice, and make the planet sustainable. That kind of work needs to be honored, recorded and rewarded.

Helping works better as a two-way street. The question: "How can I help you? Needs to change so we ask: "How can we help each o ther build the world we both will live in?"

Social Networks:
We need each o ther. People helping each o ther reweave communities of support, strength and trust. Community is built upon sinking roots, building trust, creating networks that are built on mutual respect and commitment.

Respect demands accountability. The voices of all must be heard and heeded so as to promote social justices and compel accountability.



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by Tony B. (Administrator for this Organization) (December 14, 2013)
A Time Bank service exchange program is great because: • It gives you access to a network of helpers that even if you don’t need anything right now, you may need it later. • You will find people that can come and do simple things for you that traders are not interested in doing. • It gives you an opportunity to share your experiences and skills that may not have been appreciated before or elsewhere. • You don’t have to be a hero or super skilled – you are welcome as you are. • You will feel welcome and valued. • It is not volunteering, you will not be asked to do anything that you feel you must commit to for x amount of days and hours. • You can say no to something you don’t want to do and you will not be judged because of it. • You will learn from other people, you will acquire new skills. • You will have fun. • You will gain friends. • You may even save money.