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Mission Statement

The Mission of Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI) is to promote a values based leadership program that unleashes the power of women to initiate change in their communities. The Vision of WGLI is to collaborate with local partners to: Support and encourage individual and community leadership development for women throughout the world. Provide education and support for women to actively participate at all decision-making levels of society. Create and implement a self-sustaining community through mentorship and membership models for the development of women’s leadership.


What is WGLI?

WGLI is a non-profit organization, founded in 2008 and dedicated to unlocking the leadership potential of women who want to make a difference. Our goal is to create a community of women with the confidence and determination to serve as leaders in personal, professional, community, regional and national spheres of influence. By addressing women’s needs for community, support, and education, we believe that they will become credible, active decision-makers who will facilitate positive changes in their families, communities, and the world.


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Would you recommend Women's Global Leadership Initiative?

by Vandana G. (2018-03-23 12:57:52.0)
I joined recently as a Talent Acquisition Partner and have had excellent on-boarding experience. The interview and on-boarding process was seamless and efficient. A friendly and welcoming team has added to the amazing experience I have had so far.
by Samantha P. (2018-02-26 11:03:00.0)
As a recent college graduate I was in a full-time job that was paying my bills, but was not fulfilling to me whatsoever. I was looking for an outlet to use my time in a way that felt meaningful for me both personally and professionally. I was interested in developing my skills with marketing and social media ? and the folks at WGLI gave me the opportunity to do just that. I was able to work alongside both the CEO of the organization and the Public Relations Director. I felt extremely supported during my time with WGLI and am unbelievably grateful for the experience I gained from them. When I applied for my next job ? it was the connections and experience I gained at WGLI that landed me my dream job working full-time in the world of marketing. For anyone who is looking for an inspiring and motivating organization dedicated to the advancement of women ? look no further.
by Maria O. (2018-02-22 07:35:24.0)
I recently joined WGLI and honestly can't say enough how much I enjoy contributing to the mission and working with other volunteers who dedicate their time by helping to "create a community of women with the confidence and determination to serve as leaders in personal, professional, community, regional and national spheres of influence." If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity and truly want to make a difference in women's lives - this is the organization to join!
by Adam S. (2018-02-21 13:42:06.0)
Such a great organization. I am honored to join the team and be a part of this movement along side of highly successful and intelligent women in a wide range of industries. If you get the opportunity to volunteer, donate or participate to some capacity I highly recommend doing so!
by Ms L. (2017-06-16 03:22:35.0)
I reached out to WGLI regarding volunteer opportunities. I was contacted by the Executive Director and a member of the recruitment team. After a rather lengthy conversation with the recruitment volunteer, I was told to expect a follow up call from another member within 3-4 days. Two weeks pass and I get a call from the Executive Director. She asked what time I could be available for a conversation. I confirmed a day and time and never heard from her or anyone else affiliated with the organization. There was no email or message on their part to apologize or reschedule. I decided to make a follow up call and left a voice mail which was never returned. I find that type of "handling" of prospective volunteers (and possible future donors) to be rude and highly unprofessional. I expected more from women who claim to be "doers/shakers" and supposedly dedicated to advancing the profile of women. Unfortunately, WGLI didn't live up to its "hype", IMO.