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Mission Statement

As set forth in the Certificate of Formation, the primary objective of The Mars Initiative is to safely get humans to Mars so they can explore and create the very first human settlement. How else will the questions of the unknown ever get answered?

We hope to leverage the power of people and the power of numbers to organize a movement where everyone is motivated by their very own passion for space and space exploration (forgotten or unforgotten).

People have dreams. People have passions. People have skills. By collectively and collaboratively taking on needed responsibilities, we can all get this mission accomplished and we do not need to wait around for another lifetime for the givernment to act. Through all of our efforts, we can raise enough money to privately fund the very first human mission to Mars and begin the development of the first human Mars settlement.

Mission: To safely get humans to Mars so they can explore and create the very first human settlement.

For thousands of years, humanity has gazed up into the dark sky to ponder the many questions of the unknown. To this day, many of us still seek answers, while others seem to have forgotten about their childhood dreams for one reason or another.

It appears as though public sentiment overwhelmingly believes that an individual cannot take part in space ventures because they believe the quest is too expensive in that only large governments and multinational corporations can afford to partake. Fortunately, with the efforts of the private space industry, and the organization of The Mars Initiative, this is no longer the case.


Why do we exist?

  • We exist, because you want to see humans venture into deep space to colonize Mars.
  • We exist, because we address a large-scale market inefficiency that leaves you, as an individual, with no true voice, and no way to pool your resources for the common goal.
  • We exist, because we give you, as an individual, a platform to standup, with all the other likeminded individuals out there to collectively act to transform your dreams into reality.
  • We exist, because no other organization operates the way we do - we are unique. After an examination of how all the other space advocacy groups operate, we formed as a true nonprofit, and we made it a point to be completely different so we can actually see humans on Mars in our lifetime.



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