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Mission Statement

Why FreeShoes4Children.org? Our mission is to help mothers and chidren who can not afford the high cost of shoes for their children to still be able to put decent shoes on their child's feet.


Why FreeShoes4Children.org?

We realize that not all parents have the funds to purchase shoes for their toddlers or other children. This site was designed to allow parents with children that have out grown their shoes but, are yet in good condition, to help a family or child who can not afford shoes at all. This site allows those shoes to be donated directly to the person who needs them instead of giving them to a general non-profit where they may sit in a warehouse for years. This site also allows you to meet the person you are donating to if you choose to do so. However, we strongly encourage you to please take all necessary precautions when giving your shoes to someone if you decide to meet them in person. Some may choose to meet in a public place with a male figure present, leave them with a local library, school or fire station for pickup or just use the post office and mail them. In any case, we take no responsibility in that encounter. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful opportunity to be a blessing and bring joy to someone in need.

Finally please don’t forget to tweet, write, call, email, txt, facebook, etc. someone else about this site so that we can continue to build our database of FREE shoes for children. It only works if kind hearts are listing their shoes. Those wishing to advertise with us, please send us an email and someone will contact you asap. We are open to any and all suggestions. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!



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