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Mission Statement

BELL National Afterschool & Summer Service Corps, a program of the AmeriCorps Network will deploy 180 minimum-time members in Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York to serve in its educational summer and afterschool programs and engage K-8 students in tutoring, enrichment, and service. Members will enable BELL to respond to parent, school, and district needs and reach more high-need children, increase their academic skills, engage and support alumni scholars through high school, and recruit volunteers to broaden program offerings and increase quality.

BELL Service Corps members will serve an active role in helping to ensure the short term success and long term sustainability of BELL programs in the Boston, Detroit and New York region. Members enrolled in the BELL Service Corps will tutorK-8 students in vocabulary, comprehension and phonetic awareness to strengthen their academic performance. In addition members will recruit and engage community volunteers to assist in educationally focused service projects and support alumni and parent engagement.Members willhelp deliver BELL’s mission of transforming the lives of children in under resourced urban communities.

Program Objectives

§ Each AmeriCorps member will deliver high-quality tutoring and academic instruction to at least 20 children through the BELL Summer or BELL Afterschool program. Total 3,600 scholars served.

§ BELL scholars will increase their academic performance in literacy and math, as evidenced by standardized test data. Specifically, BELL scholars will average gains at least 3 months’ grade-equivalent skills in the BELL Summer program; and at least 75% of scholars in BELL Afterschool will learn new academic skills at a faster rate than their nonparticipating peers.

§ Members will serve 300 hours in BELL Afterschool and/or Summer Service Corps.


Member Program Service Responsibilities

{C}1. BELL Service Corps Academic & Mentor Engagement

{C}§ Assist in providing academic support to scholars through development of literacy and math intervention teams at each Host Site.

{C}§ Assist in the delivery of curriculum-based tutoring services primarily in literacy and math.

{C}§ Assist in the integration of school day, afterschool and summer academic support to produce a seamless learning for scholars.

{C}§ Provide communication and outreach to parents about scholar’s academic progress and additional support that can be undertaken in home.

{C}§ Assist in the evaluation of scholars in preparation of progress reports; assist in administering assessments, and creating scholar portfolios.

{C}§ Act as a mentor and role model for scholars.

{C}2. BELL Service Corps Community & Volunteer Engagement

{C}§ Ensure scholar meets short-term academic and social goals by enlisting the support of parents and volunteers in individual scholar learning plan at each Host Site.

{C}§ Assist scholars in the development of school-wide engagement in National and local volunteer service events.

{C}§ Facilitate the development of community and volunteer led literacy and math clubs at each Host site.

§ Identify and recruit at least 5 community volunteers to serve at least 2 hours per member through outreach to parents, community and corporate individuals.

3. BELL Service Corps Alumni & Parent Engagement

{C}§ Assist in the engagement of at least 5 Alumni scholar per Host Site to support their development of academic career portfolio and virtual college passports.

{C}§ Support parents navigating the college preparation process including scholarships,entrance exams and information on specific degree requirements.

{C}§ Lead college prep and planning workshops for alumni and parents.

{C}§ Engage volunteers in the facilitation of coaching, skill-building, interviewing, essay writing and other career pathway development activities.



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