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Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all the animals that come into the Tehama Animal Care Center . Our ultimate goal, to fulfill a dream of the future, is to build a private animal sanctuary where homeless animals, if not adopted, can live out their lives in peace with continued loving care. We strive towards the day when there are no more homeless animals.

P.E.T.S is strongly committed to: creating public awareness to the plight of all the homeless, neglected and abused animals that come into the Center; assisting the Center in providing comfort and well-being to the animals within and achieving as many adoptions, rescues and fosters as there are animals resided within the Center.


P.E.T.S. raises funds to help provide the Center with medical care for the many injured and sickly dogs and cats that more than frequently arrive. In addition, funds raised are utilized for transport to rescue organizations so that these animals can have an increased chance for adoption. Remaining monies are used to purchase pieces of equipment and countless needed supplies that simply cannot be met by the sorely limited county budget. We host monthly adoption events and provide many venues for advertising to increase pet adoption and rescue. P.E.T.S. disseminates information and provides education to the general public with regard to the many issues of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. In addition, we volunteer at the Center, providing comfort, exercise and training to the animals within and assist the staff in the performance of their duties.



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by Ronnie C. from Corning, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (2012-01-28 13:03:40.0)
It's a great group of friendly people working hard to help all of the abused, homeless, and neglected animals that come into the Animal Care Center. Their enthusiasm and 100% dedication to the welfare of the animals is amazing! If you care about lost souls through no fault of their own that end up in a shelter environment, and your goal is to eventually not have any more homeless animals, then this is a group for you!