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Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Serendipity Players is a non-profit community-building theater company serving the Southwest Washington metropolitan area. We envision a vibrant, creative community that is enriched and informed by diverse perspectives. To this end, our mission is as follows:

"Great theater includes everybody!"

For us, this means:

* creating the best plays and shows that we can, always remembering that we are here to have fun;

* reaching out to under-served members of our community to ensure that our stage is open to everyone;

* embracing diversity and encouraging inclusion of all races, social classes, ages, genders, spiritual practices, sexual orientations, national origins, and (dis)abilities, in the interest of expanding the enjoyment of live theater for our diverse community of artists and audience members;

* nurturing creativity through education, internship and mentorship in all aspects of theater arts - performing, technical arts, directing, and playwriting.


"Serendipity" is finding the unexpected while doing something else. Whether personal or artistic, these discoveries can be powerful - and delightful! It's with that hopeful, playful spirit that we embark on
this journey. We have dreams and goals, but we’re also looking forward to those impossible-to-predict moments of discovery, insight, and joy that are part
of the creative process.

Serendipity Players would like to welcome you - yes you - to our theater! Our goal is to become known as the theater company that includes everybody: people of every race, gender, dis/ability, nationality, spiritual path, education level, age, sexual orientation,
income or experience level.

We came to this dream because during our years as theatrical artists and audience members it’s become clear to us that most theater companies - and
audiences - could be a lot more diverse. For example, there are fewer parts available for actors in wheelchairs, or actors who are deaf than there are for
others. Equally importantly, people with lower incomes have fewer opportunities to attend great theater, or to obtain training in stage design, play writing or directing.

We are committed to opening ourselves, our stage, our technical shop, and our classrooms to all people who want to participate, and who bring diverse
backgrounds to enrich the process. In doing so, we hope to create theater which illuminates all members our community. We want to foster great plays, community interaction, and good fun - encouraging members of groups with different agendas to tell their stories in new and healing ways. No prior experience necessary!

We want to create a stage without barriers. We want you to feel welcome in our audience, on our stage, and on our Board - whoever you are and whatever your circumstances. Come play with us.



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