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Mission Statement

Our charitable mission statement is to take care of the community, which they are fed physically, mentally and spiritually. And to be able to provide quality organic food (vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, milk, etc), education, clothes, transportation, a place of hope for those who feel there is no hope, to mentor, tutor, guide, instruct. To aid anyone with whatever need, if possible, or to be able to get them the help they need. To not abuse the land we live in but to live off of it, totally green and to help others to see that they can do this to and to help them in their endeavors. Making sure that people are treated as a person and not a number or like cattle and just pushed aside or not helped in anyway. Donating our time, resources, produce, farm goods to that of helping another person, within the community or county.


Steps Victory Garden, a totally green and organic farm, with not just a handout in mind but that of, being able to get quality farm goods to food banks/pantries, needy people within the community and to teach people how to prepare foods and to can and store food as well as, to help them, space provided, to establish their own small garden to feed themselves and if they have more, to help someone else as well. 100% of all seeds, fertilizers, farm equipment, farm animals, etc, are received through donations of those who have the same heart as we do, and would like to do more. We want to, as funds come in, to take this concept to other states and establish other Steps Victory Gardens’, which will be able to reach more people within that community, as well. Also, teaching people how to be self-sufficient and live of the land. When you give a person a fish you have just fed that person for one day but, if you teach them how to fish as well as prepare, cook or to store that fish for later consummation, you have taught them how to fish for a lifetime.

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