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Mission Statement


"A hunger-free human race."


PATHHSEO @ Caldwell Temple is to "Help to Heal the Hurt of Hunger and the Consequences of Poverty"encourage and promote self advocacy to end hungry from our neighborhood.
PATHHSEO @ Caldwell Temple devote and engage our program to help the fight to end hunger,close the help of health disparities and the social repercussions of poverty through a collective effort and unification of strengths of the members, workers and volunteers. We steward the monetary resources and maximizes the skills and professional resources of our group. We will research request and obtain all available resources to fulfill our mission


  • We are passionately advocated for a hunger-free human race.

  • We are committed to working together to provide a single, trusted and credible voice to the challenge of ending hunger ,advocate for a close in health disparities to our recipients of services brothers and sister ,neighbors and friends

  • We are committed to be agents of change and move tours self advocacy, freedom from dependency to our most vulnerable citizens.

  • We are collectively committed to treating all people in need with respect and dignity.

  • We view hunger as impacting to our community as a social problem and we working tours sustainable short and long term solutions therefore to promote the solution of our local challenges.

  • We are committed to work with ethical behavior.

  • We respecting each other as valued humans beams

  • We are a trusted steward of resources.


: We respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person and treat all with justice, equity and compassion. We honor live, concerns, backgrounds and stories of people in need and expect our partners to do the same. We accept on another and encourage diversity of thoughts and ideas.

Stewardship and Accountability
: We keep faith with the public trust through the efficient and compassionate use of resources entrusted to us and are mindful that our mission is accomplished through the generosity of others. We maintain and communicate accurate and timely information on hunger ending, education, advocacy and service. We will evaluate and account regularly for how resources are used to implement and achieve our mission.

Collaboration : We believe in the power of collective effort of our community. We will promote and collaborate to build strong relationships, based on trust, with and among those who share our vision of creating a hunger-free word. We work together to accomplish the vision at the national and local levels, valuing each other’s roles and using an open process and honest communication. We will seek out and will response to the input and counsel of our partners.

: We operate with an acute sense of urgency that reflects the immediate needs of hungry people. We challenge our members, volunteers and partners to embrace the same sense of urgency to accomplish our shared vision.

Service: We believe service to others is fundamental to creating a hunger-free world. We will serve with excellence, compassion and responsiveness to meet the needs of those with whom we work, internally and externally. The better we serve the more people we bring together in commitment to our vision.

: We act with honesty, trust and openness and deliver on commitments. We act within the spirit of agreements, contracts and the law. Our intentions and actions will be transparent and above reproach.

: We believe that the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of our nation should be reflected in our member, volunteers, consultants and any further partner or network. That we conduct business


Reverend and Mrs. Legay, started this mission with the concern of a growing need in the community ,the dry economic spells between financial incomes of their congregation and community members. Neighbors and members of the congregation did not qualify for assistance from governmental organizations, and only needed a boost to carry them over each month. Looking for a way to bridge financial gap for their neighbors and congregation, forming the Caldwell Temple Feeding Ministry in September 2000.

The manpower and financial support was provided by the congregation. A hot delicious meals. faithfully the second and fourth Saturday of the month for 10 years. As the years went by, the demand for services increased. Volunteer and workers began to look for additional venues and supplies to meet growing needs of the community. Through the vision of Sandra Reyes, efforts of the dedicated volunteers and the guidance and support of Reverend Henrico D. White and Micheal Rapley, the PATHHSEO at Caldwell Temple launched in July 1st 2009, with the mission of "Human Race. Hunger Free"

Today PATHHSEO Soup Kitchen at Caldwell Temple serves every Saturday of the month, providing over 400 weekly community meals,Pantry for 120 families weekly , Primary Care in the mobile van in partnership with Morris Height Center HIV and AIDS, Dashboard with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene NYC blood pressure screening and consultation, SNAP and WIC screenings, nutrition classes, bi-yearly parenting workshops, clothing closet, and special holiday community meals.PATHHSEO Soup Kitchen at Caldwell Temple continues to expand their services meeting the need of the community. On October 12, 2011 the soup kitchen began serving community meals



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