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Mission Statement

To provide a safe environment for children of divorce and separation to have quality parenting time with their parents and to provide a safe environment for high conflict parents to exchange children for visitation.


The Visitation Program has been established by Judge Mary Kovack of the Medina County Domestic Relations Court, and the program is provided by a contracted agency.



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by Aleta C. (2010-11-21 20:07:24.0)
There were concerns with safety and cleanliness when we visited. The guard was leaning back on a chair reading a newspaper and the outside camera was faced down the parking lot instead of at the visitor parking and people entering and leaving. Additionally my husband used the bathroom and said they had an old shower curtain instead of a door and there was a heavy smell of urine as if they never mopped the floor. When going into one visiting room we noticed bugs crawking out of the sink drain. No thank you is my reaction to this place.
by Jennifer S. (2010-11-18 02:57:24.0)
Why would anyone want to visit with their kid when someone is walking up to them and interrupting their visit every fifteen minutes. Aren't the 50 cameras enough? This setup is a racket to bring grant money into Medina at the expense of further aggravating family relations. It should be an exchange center as the name states, not a visitation location.
by LIZ D. (2010-01-15 09:10:42.0)
There is no such thing as too much communication and security (emotionally) for children of ALL ages.