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Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a global movement for the end of child abuse, mobilize people around the world, and develop partnerships to unify people and organizations for the end of child abuse.


Our Founder's Story

The Rainbird Foundation was born from abuse. My father was a teacher and a convicted child molester. I don’t know how many children he hurt. He finally went to prison for his crimes. However, he never went to prison for what he did to me, my brother, and sisters. People knew and no one stopped him. For decades, my family has struggled with the damage from child abuse. Some of us have recovered to lead productive lives. Some of us haven't. This is unacceptable to me.

The work to recover from child abuse is as difficult as the abuse, especially when an abuser takes no responsibility, which is often the case. Millions of people come from child abuse. Many don't talk about it, which is why recovery is so difficult and why our communities struggle. But a healthy, productive life is our birthright, and for those who come from abuse, a healthy life can be a monumental undertaking. This is intolerable to me.

The scope of child abuse seems overwhelming. I understand the feeling of resignation. However, doing nothing contributes to the persistence of child abuse and I can't do nothing. I can't let another child endure agonies you can't imagine. I can't contribute to the persistence of pain for a single child on our planet. I can't go a day without doing something for the end of child abuse. I invite you to join me, whether doing something big or small. Take a stand and do anything for the end.

The Rainbird Foundation is committed to the end of child abuse. Please join us.

Hanna Roth


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