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Mission Statement

CryptoRights is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting global justice through the protection of human rights and humanitarian workers, journalists and the information they collect and communicate for the public good; and the preservation of freedoms for security professionals who do open research on security and safety issues in the public interest.


For communications (speech) to be truly free, there must be provable security from unauthorized interception and modification when desired by the communicants. For humanitarian communications -- which exist on a plane above national biases -- it is particularly important to have privacy and the assurance of identity of the speakers. This requires the active cooperation and co-vigilance of two communities which have historically been isolated from each other by government regulation and precedent: 1. Human rights (HR) workers and journalists -- and the data they collect -- investigating and documenting human rights violations must be protected so that the results of their work can be both authenticated and available to all of humanity. 2. Security workers who research, develop and audit privacy enhancements offered to the public by corporations, government agencies and others must be free to openly share and prove -- or disprove -- the trustworthiness of those systems to the public without interference or prior restraint. These communities need to work together and help each other to furnish such proof to the world, rather than relying on the promises of vested interests (e.g. corporations and government agencies) that their privacy & security solutions are truly private and secure. CryptoRights is dedicated to bringing these two communities together and helping them collaborate effectively. HR workers and journalists are the best possible advocates for the rights of security workers and security workers have the necessary expertise to assist HR workers and journalists with their communications security and the authentication of their data.



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