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Mission Statement

Mission The Woman's Industrial Exchange actively supports women's economic advancement. The Exchange serves disadvantaged women, families, displaced workers, and others seeking to establish careers - particularly home-based careers. It provides them with opportunities for greater financial security by maintaining a sales room for their handcrafted items and by developing new programs and services.


Values Integrity We will act with integrity because it is the most crucial quality we possess to maintain the publicà ¢à ?à ?s trust and our donorsà ¢à ?à ? expectations of high ethical and moral standards. Openness We will conduct our business in a way that is open to public scrutiny. Openness in decision making, raising and allocating resources, and operations is one of the best ways to build trust among all our constituents. Accountability We will be accountable to our constituents and the broader public. We will serve the public good by using our resources as directly and efficiently as possible. Our budgets, allocations of staff time, and the application of our other resources must show that we serve the public good. Service We are service oriented and committed to serve the public good. We will devote ourselves to service to people. We will give precedence to fulfilling the mission of the Exchange over possibilities for advancing our own status and careers. Compassion We will provide services in a personal and caring way. More than just giving to those in need, we care and put the welfare of others on a par with our own. We will be generous with own resources, not out of a sense of pity but out of a sense of relationship with and concern for others. Adapted from: Jeavons, T. H. (1994). Ethics in Nonprofit Management: Creating a Culture of Integrity. In Herman, R. and Associates, The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management (pp. 184-207). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.



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