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Mission Statement

The Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc., (DAPI) is a private, non profit statewide agency founded in 1969 to provide services to, and support the educational development of, pregnant and parenting teens and their families. DAPI is the only statewide comprehensive school based program in the nation that serves pregnant and parenting teens and their families. To fulfill its mission, DAPI offers pregnancy prevention counseling, grade appropriate academic instruction, individual and group counseling, family intervention, community referral and outreach, and pre and post natal health education, on-site-child care--Tot's Turf and family life, parenting and child development education, and transitional support services.


The Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc. (DAPI) serves the community with the following programs: Academic Instruction, Social Services, Child Care, and Medical Services. Academic Instruction-Certified teachers are provided to the pregnant and parenting teens served at the Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc. (DAPI). The teachers are provided through area school setting. The students also receive homebound instruction in the core classes offered in any middle or high school setting. The students also receive homebound instruction immediately following the delivery of their newborn baby. A regular school day is provided to each student. All work compliments the course-work provided from the students' home schools. Social Services- Each center has a social worker to assist the students with issues that cannot be addressed during class time. The social worker is responsible for coordinating services for the students to assist with proper academic programming and attempting to assist the family in preparing for a new baby. The students are able to receive individualized case planning that will transition them to healthy decisions for the future. The students participate in prevention sessions each day to teach them how to make independent life choices for future success. Child Care- Pregnant and parenting students require assistance with placing their newborns into a daycare program that will allow them to continue their educational studies. DAPI provides this service in each center. It is the student's choice to keep the baby in the center where she attends school or use an alternative placement. The students receive help with this process to ensure there is a solid childcare plan following the delivery of the baby. Medical Services- On-site medical attention helps each student to feel safe during the course of her pregnancy. The students are able to access a certified nurse at every location. The students ask questions, hear the heartbeat of their babies, and address any other medical appointments. The nursing staff provides free child birth classes each week and on going medical case management services.



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