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Mission Statement

The Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation is an outstanding repository of rare and unusual plants and unique folk art from Mexico and the United States. Its purpose is to encourage the people of these two neighboring countries to rebuild the common heritage that lies in their shared ecological and cultural experiences. By fostering an appreciation for the landscape and the indigenous art that is inspired by it, damage and neglect of the natural world will be slowed and the healing can begin. Time spent at the foundation will allow visitors to study and gain understanding of the great need to protect the few remaining unspoiled natural environments and help restore those that have been depleted. In addition, viewing the unselfconscious artistic expression of those who are in touch with nature will add to the visitors appreciation of the natural world, which in turn can lead to a greater desire to assist in its preservation.


About an hour's drive from Houston and 1.5-2 hours from either Austin, poised on the edge of three climate and geological zones is one of America's most unique garden environments. Peckerwood Garden is the setting for an expanding collection of rare plants native to a wide region of the southern United States and to Mexico mingled with their Asian counterparts. The meandering woodland along one bank of a spring fed stream that divides the property forms the heart of the garden. It is flanked on the opposite bank of the stream by a dry garden and by a distinctly regional herbaceous border garden to the south. An expanding arboretum of significant trees for the region brings together superb examples of many different species of Acer, Ilex, Liquidambar, Magnolia, Styrax, Taxus, Quercus, many of which are recent plant discoveries from remote mountain ranges in Mexico. It is also the setting for distinctive outdoor sculpture and for a collection of folk art from Mexico and the United States.


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