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Mission Statement

Welcome to Nacel Open Door!

Nacel Open Door, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to international understanding and language education. Nacel Open Door believes it is essential for young people to develop a deeper awareness of their role as citizens of the world through direct experience in other cultures and languages. Homestays are the foundation of most Nacel Open Door programs.

The friendships which result from living as a member of a host family encourage continued communication and understanding of other peoples. Nacel Open Door is committed to providing accessible and affordable programs.

It is our mission to promote international understanding and language education by offering accessible, high-quality exchange programs with a well-structured support network.



The origins of Nacel date to l957, when two language teachers from France began organizing summer sessions in England for French teenagers. Their goal was to provide opportunities for students to extend language learning and knowledge of another culture through a well-organized and affordable summer program. During the sixties these programs grew steadily and spread to Ireland. In l969, the organizers decided to ask some American teachers of French to arrange a summer homestay program for French teenagers in the United States. Over succeeding years, programs with Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Canada were added.

Open Door Student Exchange, also a not-for-profit organization, began providing intercultural learning experiences for high school students and their families in 1964. Over the years, thousands of exchanges have made possible lifelong international friendships while broadening intellectual horizons for students, families, and schools.

Today's merged organization offers programs in over 35 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North and South America. In 1997-98, short-term winter programs were added to the traditional offerings of semester, academic year, and short-term summer programs. Nacel Open Door in the United States

The new, merged organization, Nacel Open Door, remains an independent organization. Nacel Open Door is a member of Nacel International, a confederation of partner organizations whose goal is to promote Nacel programs worldwide. Through periodic meetings with partners abroad, during which the views of coordinators and other Nacel Open Door representatives are shared, policies and procedures are developed to ensure that programs in all countries operate according to a consistent standard of quality.


Our world can be made better if today's youth learns to understand and appreciate its cultural and linguistic diversity. Young people benefit from experiences which complement their classroom learning, which help them develop an awareness of their role as world citizens, and which instill in them an ability to enjoy and adapt to diversity and change. Opportunities to participate in such experiences must be accessible and affordable to as wide range of people as possible.

Immersion is the best way to become acquainted with another country's people, heritage and values. Living with a family provides a warm and secure setting for experiencing another culture. Programs without host family experiences should involve our students as closely as possible in the culture and life of the country in which they stay.

Communication is the key to understanding culture. Knowledge of language, an eagerness to improve communication skills, and a curiosity for learning permit a higher level of understanding. The friendships that result from the sharing of family and cultural life encourage continued communication, growth, and understanding across borders.



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