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Mission Statement

Legacy International is dedicated to promoting peace by strengthening civil society and fostering a culture of participation worldwide.

We train and mentor community leaders, youth, professionals, and governmental and non-governmental administrators, helping them to develop and implement practical, community-based solutions to critical issues.

Community by community, we strive to leave a lasting Legacy of:

  • Increased and sustainable citizen participation in local problem solving
  • Increased capacity in non-governmental organizations
  • Increased cross-sectoral collaboration
  • More constructive options and opportunities for the next generation
  • New vision and skill among community leaders
  • Hope, tolerance, and community engagement.


What We Do

Since 1979 Legacy has strengthened civil society and fostered a culture of participation worldwide by training and mentoring community leaders, youth, professionals, and governmental and non-governmental administrators in over 110 countries on five continents.


Legacy works effectively with multi-cultural groups, professionals from various sectors, and people from areas of inter-ethnic and inter-religious turmoil. Our breadth of experience has given us a strong understanding of social, cultural, and religious differences, and the ability to adapt program models to various cultural contexts.

Our in-depth experience spans communities around the globe, including work with Israelis, Palestinians; Northern Irish Protestants and Catholics; Lebanese Christians and Muslims; representatives from various Nigerian tribes; as well as people displaced from ancestral homes--Cambodians, Vietnamese, Indian and Pakistani Muslims and Hindus; and Croats, Muslims and Serbs from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Signature Methods

Developed over thirty years, our successful programs provide civic education, capacity building, peacebuilding, and leadership development to communities around the world. In each of our programs we do the following things:

  • create a "learning community" among participants
  • build common ground based on universally-accepted values
  • frame training around best-of-class models
  • provide perspectives and resources from teams of experts
  • offer small grants and mentoring to support the application of new skills


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