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Mission Statement

The mission of The Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund, Inc. (HRRRFI) is to improve the quality of life for all horses and thereby improve the lives of people through their human band with horses. We are committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of horse and equine suffering from abuse and to the successful retirement of working horses and equine. We also aim to improve the public awareness and knowledge of the standards of care necessary to keep equines healthy and safe. Our Mission and Philosophy is Reflected in our Programs Equines have an ability to improve the quality of life, health and well being for Humans, especially children.

Help horses, education/awareness of abuse, need for compassion. Therapeutic program useing rescued horses to help humans from children to seniors. Visiting schools and nursing homes



The Barn Buddy program's mission is to facilitate special connections between rescued horses and children that have been ado pted or are currently in foster care in a physically and emotionally safe environment. The Barn Buddy program is located at Save the Horses where horses are being rescued, nursed back to health, worked with and eventually adopted out to loving homes. This environment allows for children to develop a bond with an animal they can relate to while making meaning of their own foster/adoption story. It is our vision that The Barn Buddy program will spread awareness of the powerful impact a connection with a horse can have for a foster/adopted child. Our hope is to build several similar programs that will help a larger more diverse demographic. The Barn Buddy program is run solely by volunteers and welcomes anyone who would like to make a difference in a foster or adopted child's life while working among healing horses.

Our Pink Horse Shoe Fund for Horses with Cancer helps raise funds for horses that need special medical care and surgery.

In our ongoing attempt to establish equine rescue services. It became apparent that the level of equine knowledge and care amongst equine owners often does not measure up to the standard of care necessary to keep a horse healthy and safe. The HRRRFI offers ongoing educational classes and clinics for horse owners and enthusiasts, as well as for our volunteers. Our primary goal is to save the horses (see www.SaveTheHorses.org). We do rescues at all times, but particularly in times of despair and crisis. Our organization is made up of volunteers with a mission to stop horses from being sent to slaughter or abuse. With that in mind, we have made the commitment that any horse send here will not be sold or sent to slaughter. We will, however, have equines put down humanely, if the quality of life is suffering. We firstt try everything possible before making such a serious decision.



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by Catherine W. (February 26, 2011)
I think it is a very excellent program for both the horses and the disabled. The horses get to enjoy a rich and healthy life and the disabled persons get to experience a whole different part of life that they probably never thought could happen. Also i love animals very much and one of my favorite types are horses and i just hate seeing an animal in distress or abused/neglected so i love the whole idea of this program