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Mission Statement

A Child's Desire, Inc. is committed to easing the financial burden of the adoption and post-adoption processes through fundraising efforts. By generating adoption grants, it will underwrite adoption agencies' fees or adoption facilitators' fees.


Every day, millions of orphans all over the world find themselves alone and trapped in a system that many will only leave when they come of age. Each of those children has one wish: to find a loving, nurturing family to take them home. But what is truly sad and heartrending are the number of potential parents out there willing to take these precious children into their homes that simply can't afford the $18,000, $20,000 or more required to cover the costs of adoption. That's where A Child's Desire comes in. We provide grants and other resources to facilitate adoptions nationally and internationally for children who may despair of ever being adopted. These children have been in orphanages for more than one year. Often these children are older and some have disabilities. But no matter what age a child is or what disabilities they must deal with, we believe each and every one of them deserves a chance at a happy childhood with parents who will love, nurture and support them. Volunteer support like yours is vital to making it happen. Give an orphaned child its deepest desire of adoption by contacting us today and volunteering for one of the opportunities below. Note: A Child's Desire is a non-profit organization that is volunteer-based. We have no salaried employees, board of directors, or regular staff. Almost all of our resources go to helping pay the exorbitant costs of adoption. Your help is desperately needed to make a difference in the lives of so many children: don't hesitate. Contact us today and volunteer to make a difference.



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