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Mission Statement

The Mission of TSM is to provide a ministry based on personal and communal holiness. To be vessels, of which the Gospel Message is to be lived out by our actions, deeds, words, and personal commitment to God and our neighbor. In the words of St. Frances of Assisi "We Preach the Word of God and if Necessary we use words". As a ministry based on board a vessel we challenge our selves and others to live in simplicity while ministering to the needs of our fellow brother and sister. As a community our primary ministry will be through our lives as we indulge ourselves within the culture and be with the people of the land.


TSM will be a foreign missionary ministry. The total vision encompasses several sailing vessels traveling to needy places such as Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. Upon these boats young adults will bring their love and talents to minister to the less fortunate. These people need things such as food, school books for education, and basic medical supplies. But more importantly we are called to be with them as there fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to give of ourselves and step out side of our comfort zone so that they may experience the love of God in a personal way. More then just a missionary experience TSM is meant to be a spiritual experience, where the inner life may flourish with love for Jesus. On board the ship, the missionaries will live as a community and spend time praying, working, and growing together. As living disciples following the example of Christ to go forth and preach the gospel of love, this missionary trip can be a fundamental part in affecting the man or woman you allow God to mold you. Life, Mission to Jesus, in the least, offers the young adult a chance to go out and serve freely before they are fully committed to their life vocation. The missionaries will commit themselves to a year of service. Over the course of that year TSM will visit and minister to the needs of people in over four different countries and many locations. Jesus calls us to go beyond our self and be missionaries to the world.



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