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Mission Statement

Enchancing the lives of local homeless keiki one wish at a time. Our mission is make sure that no child is left out of the wonders of the holidays because their family is poor or homeless. We believe building self-esteem in children makes a better future for everyone. In addition, we help the mothers with educational workshops, job skills, and self-esteem, life-planning workshops.

Our programs run year round to provide emergency support to families who live in tents, cars, underpasses and in the sewer drain systems on the Island of Hawai'i and Oahu.

Our program is run 100% by volunteers and has been solely supported by the publics donations. With this in mind, our homeless and poverty stricken keiki (children) need your SUPPORT, in either means of volunteering or making a contribution towards needed suppplies. 100% of all donations directly impact the lives of children. No paid staff, no high overhead costs...every penny counts!! Mahalo for your support.


Project Hawai'i has merged with Christmas Wish Program, Inc to create a partnership and open new possibities to our homeless children. We provide a wide variety of services to the poverty stricken homeless children on the Big Island of Hawai'i and on Oahu. This is an island-wide outreach program. The families we help live in tents, under tarps or in old abandon rusty vehicles along the road sides, or in county parks or on the beaches. The living conditions of these children are very simular to a third world country; these children have staff infection due to lack of clean water to bathe, they have no running water, electricity or basic needs. Many children only eat when they go to school, so that leaves out the younger children. The list goes on. So, our program provides them with food, clothing, school supplies, tolietries, hot meals, blankets, tents, and other emergency needs. BUT our organization was not founded for that purpose, (our hearts lead us there and gave us no choice), and we still believe in the magic of Christmas to last throughout the year. So, we throw the BEST Christmas Parties ever complete with Santa and Me photos, games and prizes, Christmas Crafts, Gifts for everyone, candies, cakes, and a hot traditional dinner. This night of magic warms everyone's hearts especially the volunteers. Then we don't stop there, these children receive presents from Santa and a stocking filled with toys, candy and LOVE, along with new shoes and an outfit to open on Christmas Morning. With the Easter Bunny just around the corner, our volunteers gear up for an Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner party to knock their "socks" off, (if they had socks). Please visit our new website to see more exciting events we have lined up for their year. Christmas Wish Program is a nonprofit organization ran 100% by volunteers! So, 100% of your donations help the children; we do not get government or other grants, just public support like YOU!

Now that Project Hawai'i has merged with the teen mentoring program, our keiki are able to participate free of charge all summer long in their summer camp activiites. We provide a sleepover and day camp for children 4-7 years of age. Teens come from all over the US to mentor and help build self-esteem in these precious lives while gaining leadership and mentoring skills needed to succeed in their own future.

This camp of course like all our other programs is run 100% by volunteers and solely supported by public donations. Volunteers are always encouraged, and donors are always being sought to continue our efforts.



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Would you recommend Project Hawai'i (Christmas Wish Program, Inc)?

by Priya K. (2012-12-04 09:46:39.0)
This organization is a generous and fantastic organization that is doing great things.
by Tori A. (2010-03-15 17:08:03.0)
I was able to help with the collection of Easter Dinner for the homeless children. It was a fun event and I was able to get my community service hours, meet new people and know I am making a difference. I was very lucky to be able to find such a wonderful organization. The director truly cares for the homeless children she provides services for. I am glad that I am able to help make a difference as well. I am going to be volunteering at the summer camp as well. The summer camp sounds very fun and interesting. The children are going to be able to participate in fun activities and lots of educational programs. Plus they are fed three times a day. Most of these children are not use to being fed once a day. I can't wait to get involved in the summer camp. I got involved with this organization because my friend helped the Easter Bunny hand out the bags last year. She said it was really rewarding to see the children faces when the Easter bunny came hopping down the beaches of Waianae Coa
by Chrissy H. (2010-02-26 12:26:12.0)
When I attended Project Hawai'i over my summer holiday I didn't know what to expect. I needed to have community service working with homeless children for my college entrance packet, and figured I start early. Why not go to Hawai'i, learn to surf, lay on the beach, meet new friends, and get my hours? Well it turned out to be so much more than I ever imagined. It wasn't like a teen tour at all. We actually experienced things that meant something, learned about a new culture, and saved lives of homeless children. It was amazing that I thought this tour was going to be about me. When I first arrived, I was greeted by the director and her assistant. It was amazing the love she had for all of us just getting off the plane. Like a mom, only not so bossy. She was amazing. By the end of the tour we were all one big happy family. I hated to leave. The bonds I have with my camp buddies and new found friendships are amazing. My little sister is going next on Project Hawai'i in 2011!!
by Princess P. (2010-02-19 22:56:53.0)
I saw first hand how this organization helps the homeless children. The dedication that the program director has towards this program is amazing. Even in hard times, she never gives up. I was able to meet some of the children that are blessed by this organization. I was able to see my efforts make a difference in their lives. I have helped with this organization in the past as well. I would like to share a little story that happened to me as a result of my volunteer efforts. I was outside of Walmart one day and a little child ran up to me and said thank you so much for bringing Santa to her. I didn't recognize the child, but obviously she remembered me. The mother than approached me and thanked me for being part of their lives. She was now employed and no longer homeless and was so grateful for my efforts. I didn't want to say that I really didn't do anything, it was the director, but I didn't want to make their thanks any less. Thank you for allowing me to help!