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Mission Statement

Provide conflict management services through education and empowerment
of people to create their own solutions.

Our Vision

Provide a peaceful process for responding to conflicts in our community.



The Community Mediation Center provides a variety of mediation services to the residents of St. Mary’s County. We also partner with the CMC of Calvert and Charles County and refer cases to them as appropriate.

Community Mediation

Mediators assist individuals with a wide range of issues, including family and neighborhood conflicts, landlord-tenant issues, group and organizational conflicts and family care decisions for elderly adults. No charge for this service.

District Court Referrals

Mediators provide an alternative dispute resolution service to individuals participating in District Court cases. They assist in diverse legal actions, including unsatisfactory services, unpaid accounts, return of deposits and claims for damages. No charge for this service.

State’s Attorney Referrals

The State’s Attorney in St. Mary’s County refers minor cases to the Center for mediation. Experience with these cases has been very positive, giving participants the opportunity to deescalate their conflict and resolve their differences outside the criminal court system. No charge for this service.

St. Mary's Mediator/Sheriff Alliance

Our partnership with the Sheriff’s Department focuses on early intervention. Deputies carry tear-off pads of mediation referral sheets that they offer to residents involved in family or neighborhood conflict. Deputies referred 207 cases to mediation in the second year of our alliance. This doubled the first year's total of 103 mediation referrals. Volunteer mediators also participate in ride-along opportunities with the deputies. No charge for this service.

Maryland Commission of Human Relations (MCHR)

Specially trained mediators help mediate discrimination complaints brought through the Equal Opportunity Commission and the MCHR. Participants have the opportunity to converse and seek common understanding. Those who are able to do so may avoid many months of investigative process and potential court action. No charge for this service.

Parent-Teen Mediation

Mediators help parents and teens talk together to create their own solutions. There is no charge. Some parent/teen issues that have been discussed in mediation include;

  • Communication: fighting, talking back, sharing
  • School: grades, attendance, truancy, behavior
  • Crisis: assault, pregnancy, death
  • Home rules: curfew, chores, time with family
  • Parent & Step-parent relationships
  • Friends & dating: time spent, choices, activities
  • Drugs & alcohol: use, covering up, treatment
  • Identity issues: respect, gender orientation, sexual orientation
  • Minor criminal behavior
  • Music, movies, games
  • Appearance
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Sibling relationships
  • Life choices, goals

Children in Need of Assistance (CINA)

Upon referral from the Circuit Court Family Services Coordinators in St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties, specially trained mediators help parents, children, Department of Social Services (DSS) representatives and their respective attorneys have constructive conversations in support of family and foster care issues, permanency planning and termination of parental rights (TPR).

Separation and Divorce Mediations

Mediators help parents develop plans for caring for their children when those parents are no longer living together. assisting divorcing couples in working through issues related to property and support. We charge a nominal fee of up to $60.00 per session hour in accord with a sliding scale based on the couple's income.

Prisoner Re-Entry

These mediations are for inmates at the St. Mary's Detention Center. Many inmates are faced with challenges that can be addressed prior to their release such as housing, parenting and employment. If the inmate can have a conversation with relatives or friends to address those challenges, transition back into society may go more smoothly for everyone. Re-entry mediation programs are currently in eighteen Maryland prisons and detention centers. No charge for this service.

Facilitation/Organizational Development

In addition to offering free mediation services, the Center also offers facilitation services to businesses, organizations and agencies to help them build stonger teams and work together more effectively. No charge for this service.



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