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Mission Statement

Altus Academy is a private, independent college-preparatory middle school designed to serve 5th- to 8th-grade students in some of Chicago’s most challenging neighborhoods. We seek to create within our school a culture of character, based on human virtue and academic excellence, that transforms the student, the family, and the community.

Our mission is to:

- Establish an educational environment that promotes the integral human development of each student and member of our community. To achieve this, we will foster academic, moral, physical, intellectual, and spiritual excellence.

- Provide an excellent education through a comprehensive suite of innovative, project-based academic programs. These, along with long-term supplemental support programs, will equip our students with the 21st-century skills needed for success in college-preparatory high schools and, ultimately, in college, career, and life.

- Inspire students with a vision of success based on the integration and practice of human virtue into all aspects of Altus Academy, creating a culture of character to form our students to meet life’s challenges.

- Provide intensive, consistent, long-term one-on-one mentoring of our students throughout middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

- Empower parents as the primary guides and educators of their children and to strengthen families as the fundamental unit of society.

Our plan is to:

- Be located so as to serve students and families in the North Lawndale, Little Village, and Pilsen communities in Chicago. We are actively seeking a location.

- Enroll its first class of fifteen 5th-grade boys in the fall of 2013.

- Add a grade of 15 boys and 15 girls each year beginning in the fall of 2014.

- Be co-institutional, with boys and girls in separate 5th to 8th grade classes in the same school facility.

- Begin supplemental student and family support programs in the summer of 2013.

Altus Academy is registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Illinois and as a Charitable Organization with the Illinois Attorney General Charitable Trust Bureau. Federal 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt application status is pending with determination expected early in 2012 (filed in June 2011). All of our programs and activities are consistent with the universal principles articulated in the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.


Altus Academy was established to address a vicious circle in which many underrepresented students are caught:

Educational success is critical to escape material poverty, but underrepresented students rarely have the opportunity for a quality education.

Altus Academy seeks to help these students break the cycle of low-educational attainment and poverty so that they can achieve life-long success in the fullest meaning of the word. By focusing on five key areas of integral human development -- academic, intellectual, spiritual, moral, and physical -- our academic curriculum and supplemental programs are designed to equip students and their families with the skills they need to plan for, apply to, and succeed in college-preparatory high schools and, ultimately, college.



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