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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of Brookhaven Animal Rescue Alliance Ltd is the prevention and rescue of the abused and abandoned of animals.

The mission of Brookhaven Animal Rescue Alliance Ltd is to prevent abuse to both cats and dogs and to provide forever homes for Cat, Kittens, Dogs and Puppies that are either abused or abandoned by their owners through adoption. If an abuse or abandonment is brought to our attention we will do all that is possible to take that pet(s) out of that situation by what legal means is available, including contacting the SCSPCA and the Town of Brookhaven to get involved with us to stop the abuse.

We work closely with the public to educate the public as to the extent of the problem with feral cats and help where ever possible to assist the public in getting a stray or feral cats altered.

The animals we do rescue are placed in a more loving situation then the one they came out of to help improve their lives.

We the hold the lives of animals in our rescues at a very high level and we do what has to be done to provide them with a better live, including educating the people that adopt them what is best for our rescued pets.

Brookhaven Animal Rescue Alliance Ltd presently carriers an inventory of various medical supplies to treat cats and kittens with medical problems like respiratory, communistic and eye problems.

The future mission of Brookhaven Animal Rescue Alliance Ltd is to set up a Veterinary hospital to provide low cost spay and neutering with medical services to the public and mobile veterinary unit for on site spay and neutering of feral cats to caretaker of the colonies we service.


The feral cat project was started in March of 2011 and the new funding will be used to continue that work for indefinite timeline. The Feral Cat Project has been a success in the neutering and spaying of feral and stray cats to date we have spayed or neutered 158 feral cats and have adopted 90 kittens out of all the kittens pulled from either a colony or found stray on people’s property. We now have a base guide line of 2011 of spay and neutered cats and kittens to measure the 2012 Feral Cat Project effect on the cats and kittens population of all the colonies we monitor and kitten adoptions.

We have gained the respect of the trap and release people that they now come to us for help with the spay and neutering of cats and kittens and also helping them feed their colonies keep us in content touch with each all the colonies we are monitoring or feeding or both.

We intend to accomplish more in the up coming years now that we have the Feral Cat Project in place as of March 2011. The biggest accomplishment would be to reduce the colonies population down to acceptable populations and increase their health level. We can not protect them from unknown dangers but we can protect them from known dangers that may come from their life style as colony cats. We have managed to medicate some of the colonies when the caretakers have noticed a medical issue starting. We did pull a cat that had a heart attack and get him medical attention. I am hopeful in the future we will be able to set up a cat clinic for the Feral Cat Project in the future to father to improve their health levels.


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