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Mission Statement

Votewatch is a citizen-based nonprofit non-partisan organization that works to ensure that the voices of ordinary people are heard and can be acted upon within America's democratic process. Our democratic process requires constant vigilance on the part of our citizens in order to oversee government. Through a combination of technology and the need for vigilance, Votewatch is creating the tools that will give citizens the opportunity to effectively monitor our election process.


1) On the Votewatch Web site, citizens may use the Votewatch Voter Satisfaction Log to enter qualitative information about their voting experience on Election Day. 2) Voters may download from the Votewatch Web site a Voter Experience Survey that they may complete immediately after voting and either return to Votewatch by mail or by uploading their responses online. 3) Poll workers or election officials may report their experience with their voting equipment using the Votewatch Voting Equipment Log. Votewatch will provide voting equipment manufacturers with access to this log so that they will have an opportunity to address these issues and respond publicly. 4) Citizen volunteers ("Votewatchers"), wishing to monitor a precinct on Election Day, will be trained and provided handheld computers in order to collect information for Votewatch by interviewing voters as they exit the polls about their voter experience and choices. This data will be analyzed by Votewatch and made available to the public. 5) Lawyers & legal teams will be given close to real-time access to the Votewatch data not publicly available on election day and will be able to utilize Votewatch private and secure online applications where they may collaborate about legal actions they may choose to pursue. Legal teams are not retained by Votewatch, and each legal participant is expected to formulate their own opinion about the Votewatch data, and make their own determination about the prudence and justification of legal action. 6) Journalist and the media may subscribe to real time data feeds from Votewatch, giving online media portals the ability to provide Votewatch data directly to their audience along with other election information that they deem relevant. Furthermore, journalists covering Election Day will have convenient access to hourly email summaries of information entering the Votewatch system. 7) Votewatch statistical and methodology teams will publish a set of research reports that analyze the data collected by Votewatch and will be made available on the Votewatch Web site and distributed to various media outlets in real time.



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