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Mission Statement

Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) prepares young people for their responsibilities and opportunities in a changing, interdependent world.


YFU USA is Seeking Volunteers to work with Exchange Students in your area

If you enjoy working with young people and families and want to make a difference in the world, volunteering at Youth For Understanding (YFU) USA may be right for you.

As a YFU volunteer you'll get to know teenagers who are adventurous, eager to learn and want to make a difference in the future. You'll meet interesting people and enhance your relationships with people in your community and workplace. You'll provide support and guidance to students and families, and learn more about family dynamics. Most of all, you'll be making a significant contribution to improving cultural awareness and international understanding--changing your world a little bit at a time.

YFU Volunteer Opportunities

YFU volunteers provide support to students, families, programs, and other volunteers in a wide variety of ways. From conducting student orientations to making classroom presentations, problem solving with international students and their host families to arranging social activities, there is truly a place for everyone at YFU. Whether you are a returned exchange alumnus, a parent, a retired person, or a college student-- we welcome people of all backgrounds to work with us. Whatever your skills and interests are, there is a volunteer opportunity to match them!

Why Volunteer?

In addition to supporting life-changing experiences for young people from around the world, volunteering for YFU provides you with significant benefits. Volunteering will:

• Enhance your leadership skills.

• Improve your interpersonal skills, such as understanding people better, motivating others, and dealing with difficult situations.

• Help you develop better communication and public speaking skills.

• Share US culture and provide the opportunity to learn more about world cultures.

YFU Volunteering is Flexible and Engaging

YFU volunteers can choose from a variety of positions to suit their interests, needs and schedule. The hours are flexible, and you can even be a virtual volunteer without ever leaving your home! YFU also gives you the freedom to promote programs in creative ways in your own community. You can work as a team, individually, with a friend or family member.

A wide range of program volunteer positions are available at YFU, including American Overseas Volunteers, Area Coordinators and Representatives, International student volunteers and trainers. YFU provides all the training and tools you need, in both one-on-one and self-guided formats.

YFU relies on the skills of volunteers to perform a wide range of tasks, including:

• Administrative activities that help YFU provide more effective services to other volunteers, students, and families.

• Interviewing prospective host families and/or teenagers who want to study abroad.

• Planning and conducting orientations for international students, American Overseas students, host families, and/or natural families.

• Delivering presentations about YFU programs to groups at schools and community events.

• Recruiting host families and/or American Overseas students for YFU programs.

• Supporting international students and their host families while on program, and pre-departure support to American Overseas students and their natural families.



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Would you recommend Youth For Understanding USA?

by Maria D. (2015-03-11 21:10:06.0)
I gave been searching for Volunteer Organizations and this one is one of the most, if not the most interesting one. I like to volunteer for nonprofits organizations mainly abroad. I love to help the needed, share the culture and language. Thanks for your hard work. I really believe that everyone needs help one time or another. To me it is a great joy when I can help. I will do it as long as The Lord allows me to do so. Many Blessings to all of you.
by Jay G. from omaha, NE (2011-04-15 20:02:05.0)
I have been a volunteer for YFU for five years. I like the organization because the mission is to break down cultural barriers by introducing people to other cultures. I have seen people changed after the experience; both the students and the host families. Plus, the other people that serve as volunteers are great! Check out the organization here: www.yfu-usa.com
by carol h. (2011-03-14 11:56:45.0)
I am a volunteer for YFU and I am currently hosting an exchange student. As a volunteer, I find YFU to be organized and have thorough direction and training. As a host parent, I find that they have a strong support network and lots of information to help me. And the priviledge of hosting a student is more than I ever imagined. I didn't realize that I would become so close to her and that she really would be like a member of our family. I highly recommend being a volunteer for YFU and hosting an exchange student.
by M. N. (2009-10-04 20:36:45.0)
I was a YFU exchange student in 1982 and have since hosted two students in my home. It was a wonderful experience each time. The students were motivated in school and active in our family. No problems whatsoever. We continue our friendships to this day. YFU is a well-established organization which has the necessary experience and resources to provide additional support for host families and students that need it.