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Mission Statement

The team at Bella Care Hospice has one goal...to help you live your life in the ways that matter to you. Hospice is a set of services, rather than a place, that helps patients and families address the many issues that arise at the end of life. When an illness no longer responds to curative treatments or a patient chooses to stop further aggressive treatments, hospice offers a full range of care aimed at comfort rather than cure. At the center of hospice care is the belief that each of us has the right to die pain-free and with dignity, and that our families will receive the necessary support to allow us to do so. Bell Care hospice programs are comprised of compassionate and skilled professionals trained to provide responsive medical, emotional, physical, and spiritual support to anyone in need.


You are the leader of your care team!

  • Your Volunteers provide companionship, practical assistance like running errands and transportation, and emotional support. Their specific talents are matched to your needs. Count on them to be willing helpers, compassionate listeners and valuable members of your care team.
  • Your Hospice Aides are experts in making daily tasks easier - they help you maintain dignity and independence through the simple but essential things like bathing, dressing and other every day tasks.
  • Your Doctors continue to care for you. You can choose to keep your relationship with your family physician, who works with your hospice care team. Tridia's own physician's specialize in comfort care and consult with your doctor.
  • Your Nurse provides skilled care and support tailored to your physical condition and level of comfort and is an excellent source of information about disease processes, equipment use, hands-on care, and support for your caregivers.
  • Your Chaplain supports your personal spiritual beliefs, practices and needs - visiting listening and offering prayers, rites and rituals, assistance planning memorial services, and support in healing relationships. Your chaplain also works with your own clergy person and congregation as you desire.



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Average Review 4 reviews

Would you recommend Bella Care Hospice - Cincinnati?

by Joe K. (March 8, 2012)
I've been a volunteer with Destiny for two years. I was attracted to volunteering after my mom spent 10 months in a nursing home. There are so many people going through a difficult time in their life, and having someone visit once a week reminds them that they are special and they are not alone. I think I get far, far more out of it than I give. It's a great gift.
by Antonio H. (March 6, 2012)
I have been with Destiny Hospice for several months and it has been a real joy for me to spend time with the patients and their families. As a student in pursuit of my passion and call for Chaplaincy, I find that volunteering with Destiny Hospice has allowed me the privilege to connect and care for some very special people. One of my personal goals was to enhance and use music therapy as a means of comfort, and since volunteering with Destiny, I have seen the difference that such a gesture can make, it has given me a sense of fulfillment to journey with someone transitioning the stages of life.. The Staff at Destiny Hospice are outstanding as professionals and genuinely care for the Volunteers as well as the patients and families they serve, this organization delivers a quality of service that is to be commended and modeled as one of Cincinnati's best.
by Tammy V. (February 24, 2012)
I have to admit when I volunteered for Pet Therapy at Destiny Hospice, I was a bit naive about what hospice care was truly about... as I'm sure many people are. My misconception was that hospice patients were in their final days or even hours of life. And I also believed that "hospice" was a place. I didn't understand that hospice was actually a level of care afforded not only to those at the end of their lives, but also to those with debilitating diseases. I learned so much from my volunteer experience with Destiny Hospice! I met some of the most wonderful volunteers and employees and witnessed first hand what a positive experience even the smallest act of kindness can be. Although my stay with Destiny Hospice was short, because of logistics, it was one of the most heartfelt and rewarding endeavors of my lifetime. I would highly recommend Destiny Hospice for anyone interested in volunteering their time for such a necessary and rewarding cause.
by Richard R. (November 29, 2011)
I have a full-time job, family, house and other interests which occupy me but I choose to volunteer with Destiny Hospice because I know it is worthwhile…. I know this because my mother is in a nursing home. I make a 250 mile journey monthly to visit her. I see firsthand how important regular contact is. Also, her twin sister visits weekly and my brothers visit a few times a month…but even this interaction is sparse compared to the time she spends alone. There are volunteers at my mother’s nursing home; they sing songs, play music, bring by their pets but I’ve not seen a volunteer visiting a resident individually. I want my mother to have a volunteer visit her but there are apparently none available in her area. This is why I volunteer– since I can’t visit my mother as much as I want I’ll make it possible for volunteers in my area to visit hospice residents here. By helping with administrative work I make it possible for others to visit hospice residents directly.