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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: "Because we value our children, It’s All About Kids is committed to providing resources to children and their families who are in need of services that will emphasize education, literacy and social skills character development."


The organization strives to provide children with a strong foundation for the future by developing their confidence, self-respect, leadership skills and integrity. Each It’s All About Kids program is guided by a simple, yet powerful, concept:

It’s Better to Prepare a Life than to Repair a Life.

It’s All About Kids has four programs that encourage education, literacy, and social skills for both parents and children; the programs are "Buzz Into Books", "Buzz Learning Lab", Etiquette & Manners", and "Parent Training Clinics".

"Buzz Into Books" is a literacy campaign that aims to increase children’s excitement and interest in reading. To help engage the children we incorporate our mascot, Buzz, a large bumble bee, that shares his stories of personal triumphs to help encourage children to overcome their challenges. Events for this program are held in parks, schools, and community centers throughout Hillsborough County.

"Buzz Learning Lab" is an opportunity for children to enhance reading and computer skills through reading out loud, listening to audio books, educational computer software, and our lending library. They also work on homework and practice writing skills through the help of tutors and staff, who are always available to assist the children during all activities.

The "Etiquette and Manners" program assist children in excelling in social situations. The courses covered are telephone manners, school manners, grooming and hygiene, proper attire, proper introduction, proper correspondence and table manners. Through these courses children develop a sense of self respect, confidence, leadership and integrity.

"Parent Training Clinics" serve to teach parents proper techniques to create an effective educational environment within their homes. Parents learn strategies that support educational growth and success such as choosing appropriate books and learning how to communicate with their children about school and reading.



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