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Mission Statement

Our Vision

Second Chance envisions a future where the Palm Beach County Community as a whole - including individuals, businesses, educational facilities, and governmental
institutions - embraces and supports individuals in recovery so they can find renewed meaning and purpose in their lives while becoming responsible, sober, contributing members of society.

Our Mission

To provide individuals who are serious about their recovery with a second chance to reconnect to the community and transform their lives by offering a variety of action-oriented life- and job-readiness skills, vocational counseling for career paths or educational direction, and other programs that launch them on a path towards reintegration into the
community and long-term recovery.

Note: Until Second Chance, licensed vocational rehabilitation counseling programs combined with life and job skills was not available at the majority of the 130+ treatment programs in Palm Beach County.

A key part of our mission is to continually educate the community on the value of embracing individuals in recovery - recognizing and positively accepting the presence of the significant number of individuals in recovery including accepting them into the workforce.

Our Core Values

  • ACTION - It is by taking
    action that we change our lives for the better.
  • INTEGRITY - Second Chance "walks our talk" and keeps its promises. We trust others and are honest, open, and respectful in our dealings with them.
  • GRACE - We are thoughtful
    and respectful of others, humbly appreciating them, and valuing the unique gifts they offer.
  • INSPIRATION - Second Chance awakens and uplifts others by encouraging them to take action, fueling their
    creativity, and supporting their transformation while celebrating their successes.
  • SERVICE - Second Chance is a
    catalyst for service to both the recovery community and the community at large.


Background on Second Chance

  • Second Chance, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Service Organization, was established in late 2009 with the goal of addressing the need for long term vocational and life skill services for alcoholics and addicts who are serious about achieving long term sobriety in Palm Beach County.
  • Given the high concentration of Treatment Centers, Halfway Houses, and therapists and a documented lack of comprehensive vocational programs using licensed vocational counselors, it was is believed that Second Chance could be a complement to the majority of existing programs in the area. The absence of a profit motive also differentiates Second Chance from most area programs.
  • Second Chance received several start-up grants from United Way to help us get up and running. It secured its Delray Beach facility on George Bush Blvd. in late 2010.
  • After an early 2011 introduction to the community, attended by the Delray Beach Mayor and many business and community leaders, Second Chance began its initial program offerings in late 2011.
  • The Mayor of Delray Beach and key leaders in the Delray Chamber endorse Second Chance’s efforts, activities and programs.



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