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13200 Belcher Rd. SLargo, FL 33773 United States

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Advocates for World Health is a nonprofit organization that is committed to improving the health care delivery system in the developing world and promoting environmental stewardship. AWH achieves this through brokering medical product to organizations that provide health care services to underserved populations in the developing world. By redirecting usable medical supplies and equipment from the waste stream to foreign health care providers, AWH is lowering overhead cost, improving access to health care, strengthing the health care delivery system, and engaging in eco-friendly practices. We have delivered medical supplies to over 50 countries, including Haiti, Guatemala, Ghana, and Yemen.


Advocates for World Health, headquartered in Largo, Florida, recovers medical supplies and equipment from Florida healthcare providers and redistributes them abroad through our Florida warehouse facilities, the Port of Tampa Bay, and the Port of Miami.


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by Livia W. (February 25, 2014)
Great organization with a great mission. Perfect for the volunteer who likes to do something active that provides immediate gratification. Most time is spent sorting through donated medical supplies, and although you may not be able to see where those items ultimately end up helping out, you do get a sense of accomplishment out of your work. It is also easy to see that the people at AWH are passionate about what they do, have a great system, and are making a difference. Everyone there is friendly & answers all of your questions as a volunteer.
by Brandee F. (February 20, 2014)
I really enjoyed my experience helping AWH. My knowledge as a nursing student helped them tremendously, and if you need volunteer hours for a healthcare related class, this is a great option!
by Farrah H. from Tampa, FL (February 17, 2014)
The tasks are simple to do, the employees are willing to help you, and you're, (albeit indirectly), helping others across the globe.
by Ben C. (January 16, 2014)
As a volunteer at AWH, much of my time was spent becoming familiar with medical supplies and packaging them into boxes for imminent shipment. For students interested in pursuing a healthcare-related field, this is a great opportunity to become acquainted with the multiplicity of tools and supplies you will eventually encounter during your career. For those looking for a simple volunteer job, the work you will be doing is fun and easy. Although it may not provide immediate satisfaction, you can finish your shift knowing that those boxes you helped to organize and sort will soon be shipped off to medical clinics that are in desperate need of clean, unused and state of the art medical supplies. As an avid volunteer for multiple organizations, I can firmly say that AWH is truly one-of-a-kind and provides a benefit that reaches far beyond any other organization I have volunteered for.
by Jennifer W. from Pembroke Pines, FL (November 11, 2013)
If you're interested in the medical field, AWH health is a great place to start! What I have done is sort medical supplies in their warehouse, and I have learned about the different sorts of medical equipment from this. It is a bit stuffy in there, but they do provide a fan and plenty of water! The shifts they have are reasonable. You can work 2-hour shifts in the morning and in the afternoon. AWH is flexible with their volunteers and they love it when we help out!
by Ashley Y. from Tampa, FL (October 28, 2013)
The work AWH does is so important and volunteering for them, by sorting the medical supplies, it's easy to imagine the lives that will be saved through what their organization does. The atmosphere and staff are also great!
by Jordan M. (November 21, 2012)
AWH rocks! It has been my pleasure to serve this organization for about 2 years, it is the epitome of REWARDING. There is always something to do ranging from sorting supplies to taking on bigger projects such as revamping website content. AWH has many warehouses - I volunteer at the warehouse near USF on 12th street. It is an exciting environment. At all hours of the day, AWH staff, volunteers, and USF students are there working on different projects. Volunteering here is rewarding - I know that the supplies I am sorting will be sent by AWH to save lives in impoverished communities. Join us!
by Lianet V. (November 19, 2012)
This organization offers great opportunities for volunteers to make a difference at a global scale. Ranging from medical aid trips to local operations, volunteers will get a chance to spend their time sorting medical supplies and equipment that will be later donated to underserved communities around the world. This organization is one of a kind in the State of Florida, and must be supported by our community efforts. The enormous amount of surplus medical supplies that is generated each year in Tampa alone, can be put to use in places where access to such supplies is eminently inhibited. Thus, the work of AWH volunteers is not only invaluable and rewarding, but also highly needed. Join us! You will not regret it.
by Ryan K. from Spring Hill, FL (Administrator for this Organization) (November 19, 2012)
Advocates for World Health is a new and dynamic organization lead by college students in recovering surplus medical equipment and supplies, and then redistributing them to the world's foremost not for profits. Very organized, energetic staff, A+++
by Guillermo R. (November 16, 2012)
Advocates for World Health is not just a wonderful way to help make a better change for the world, but it's also a great way to enjoy yourself as well. I thoroughly appreciated helping out with their efforts as much as they were with me helping out. Great initiative and great environment, I thoroughly recommend volunteering here.
by Elisa M. (November 14, 2012)
This organization is well organized, and there is always plenty to do. The concept itself is well-thought out, and it is nice to be able to see one's contribution does make a difference. I highly recommend this volunteer opportunity to anyone interested in health and wanting to help medical communities that really need it.
by Daniel C. (November 14, 2012)
Well, I think what this organization is doing is very logical, helpful, and easy to understand. And it's very easy to volunteer here. First, the idea of realocating useful medical supplies makes sense to me, and I feel that not only is it helpful to hospitals and health care providers in the US, but to those in other nations. It saves money for the ones here in disposal and saves money for those over there in acquisition. And the way it's run (though it's a work in progress), does yield consistent results. So, overall when I volunteer here I do feel like I'm helping others in a very straightforward manner, and that's why I would recommend the organization to others.

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