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Mission Statement

To inspire hope through language learning.

The English Camp Mission Trip is a short-term volunteering initiative sponsored by the Good News Corps centered on teaching English in foreign countries. Through a unique and diverse blend of language learning and developmental programs, volunteers have a unique opportunity to expose non-native speakers to English and American culture, and a greater world of hope that will go beyond English. Volunteer instructors will lead students to meet and overcome their barriers and limitations, and thus giving them the experiences and confidence that will go with them long after the English Camp. You will also discover the true life a volunteer: living for others.


IYF English Camp

English Camp Programs

Mind Lectures
A series of insightful lectures that focus on exploring the depths of the heart and mind through the Bible. These are insightful lectures that deal with the true source of people's problems and difficulties. Through identifying the true reasons we have things like addiction or depression in our hearts, the lectures eventually lead us to discover the solutions for those problems. For many years, countless young people everywhere have been touched and changed.

English Lectures
Academic lectures that address specific grammatical problems students have with English. These lectures are designed to tackle the main cause of why people are intimidated by English, which is the lack of a clear understanding of how to use English. With comprehensive and easy to understand steps to understand specific aspects of English, one topic at a time, these lectures place the hope of one day mastering English within everyone's reach.

IYF Academies
A session of Instructional lectures in a classroom setting from which participants can choose from a wide range of various professions and skills that are not only useful, but may prove to be inspiring as well. With subjects ranging from CPR to cooking to photography, our academies will help create a well-balanced student and allow students to discover something they may have a passion for.

Song and Dance Learning
One of the best ways to practice and learn English is through music. We will study the lyrics and phrases of meaningful songs in English. Understanding the various meanings behind the words of a song gives students a deeper appreciation of English, while also introducing them to music that is positive. Participants will also be introduced to the dances of IYF and the Good News Corps. It is truly great to be challenged into learning something new.

English Camp Missions
Studying and learning about English is one thing, but using English in a pressured situation is another. The English Camp Missions give students mandatory tasks to complete in teams. They will exercise all the necessary skills of English: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Missions can range from completing a job interview, to writing an essay, to reciting a poem. Both challenging and fun, it's the perfect program to take the students' English to another next level.

Movie English Study
Reading a conversation in a textbook has its limitations. It would be truly great to be able to see conversations demonstrated with all the emotions and context behind it. What better way to study the impact of language and to see its usage in practice than through movie? During our movie English study session, students will learn key phrases in a selected movie through an interactive lesson, thus giving participants the perfect opportunity to study English in action.

Group Meeting Sessions, Activities, and Games
Not all students learn at the same pace; therefore, the English Camp has created the Group Meeting Session. Here English instructors are able to assess the individual problems and issues students have. With various creative activities, interactive English learning games, and with a true heart to care, volunteer English instructors will be able to help students improve and overcome their barriers in a personal way.

Scavenger Hunt
Solving riddles, gathering clues, completing fun and exciting tasks, and finding hidden treasure! Students are placed in a themed environment with tasks that range from solving math problems to pictogram puzzles, with all roads leading to the hidden treasure at the end. There is no other program as exciting as the English Camp Scavenger Hunt! It can be argued that the newfound joy and confidence in English gained from the Scavenger Hunt is the real hidden treasure.

World Cultural Performances
Through the World Cultural Performances prepared by volunteers, the cultures of the world will put on display for all the students of the English Camp to see. With authentic dances and songs from Africa, South America, Europe and other parts of the world, our performances seek to bring the sights, sounds, and cultures of the world to the students. It is our belief that a healthy dose of world culture will broaden the hearts of everyone at the English Camp.



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