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Mission Statement

To help others in what ever way we can, to raise up leaders,and to make the world a better place.We help feed, and clothe people,and help them find shelter.WE do many other things also, to many and much to list here. We help raise up leaders, and train people to minister the gospel. We strive to meet people's needs, whatever; they may be or where ever they are at. We ordain ministers and set up churches.

We are striving to have a training center to educate and train people how to earn a living and not to just get by,but to really prosper. We work to help those in crisis situations and natural disasters. We are asking for your help, love offerings are accepted and donations of any kind;however we are not soliciting donations at this time,because we are not set up yet to do that. We will be happy to give you a receipt, so you can take an income tax deduction, just ask for a receipt. It does not matter,what item you want to donate,we will take it and use it to help someone.

We can use virtual as well as local volunteers,we have a center located at 1116 Glenburnie Road New Bern North Carolina, called The Out Reach Deliverance Ministry. We need people to work there, putting away clothes and other donations, keeping things organized and keeping the center open more hours,so we can help more people. We also need a tractor trailer truck owner and operator to volunteer to pick up food for us at various locations like New Jersey and Nashville,Tennessee. New Jeresy will be the main pick up spot,but if Tennessee is better for you we can use that one. We also need people to help load and unload food and put it away.

We need computers and lab tops and everything that goes along with computers, we need software and hardware,CD burners and duplicators. We need teachers and trainers,who will teach and train people to use computers and the internet,and make and build web sites,and do business on the world wide web. We need people who know how to work on and repair computers and other equipment and will train others or just fix the equipment thats messed up or broken.

Thank-You, REV. James Cook PO Box 15363 New Bern, North Carolina 28561 email me at cooknewb@aol.com or mailorder@earthlink.net

PS You can find out a little more about us at our old web site at http://www.tomhouston.com/thelivingbread/ as you view this site, you will be able to tell we need a new and better web site and hosting,we are unable to change the old email address or mailing address or telephone number. We need to be able to manage our own web site. We need your help with this, please donate your time and resources and we will give you a receipt for the full value of your goods or services and or both. Thanks again for your consideration,REV. James Cook


We are a 501(c)(3)non-profit,tax-exempt organization,that consist of a church and a conference of ministers, and a bible college.We give away food, clothes and other items, when we have the funding to do so .We set up churches, bible colleges and ordain ministers, and we work to help people, in any need that they may have, if we are unable to help we refer you to others who can. We really care about people and their needs, we want people really to live life, not just exist.

We help support missionaries and work with them in various ways. We send materials and support to other nations.



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