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Mission Statement

We protect civilians in violent conflicts through unarmed strategies. We build peace side by side with local communities. We advocate for the wider adoption of these approaches to safeguard human lives and dignity. We envision a worldwide culture of peace in which conflicts within and between communities and countries are managed through nonviolent means.


As an unarmed, paid civilian protection force, Nonviolent Peaceforce fosters dialogue among parties in conflict and provides a protective presence for threatened civilians.

With the headquarters in France and an office in Saint Paul, NP field teams are presently deployed in the Philippines, in South Sudan, Myanmar and the Middle East. Our field staff include veterans of conflict zones, experienced peacekeepers, and those new to the field with the right combination of experience, skills, aptitude and attitude. Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) is registered in the US as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and in Belgium as an AISBL.

Within every combat zone we enter, and throughout our work worldwide, we want to achieve four overarching goals:

  • To create a space for fostering lasting peace.
  • To protect civilians, especially those made vulnerable because of the conflict.
  • To develop and promote the theory and practice of unarmed civilian peacekeeping so that it may be adopted as a policy option by decision makers and public institutions.
  • To build the pool of professionals able to join peace teams through regional activities, training, and maintaining a roster of trained, available people.


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Would you recommend Nonviolent Peaceforce?

by Amy H. from Saint Paul, MN (2014-07-14 14:07:45.0)
I started as intern with Nonviolent Peaceforce and was hired earlier this year. Volunteering with Nonviolent Peaceforce is a good way to update your skills and resume, while at the same time doing your part as a global citizen to promote peace.
by Ragesh Kumar N. (2011-10-20 07:42:08.0)
Nonviolent Peaceforce is doing a good job around the world. It is fighting against the violence and bringing peaceful atmosphere in various part of the world. Now I am working in Zambia, I know how the people are surviving in rural areas, really they are starving without water and food. Its not possible to wipe out the poverty completely but at least it can be reduced at a certin percentage through the help of International Organizations. To be frank I would recommend this Organization predominantly to all my friends circle.
by gad o. (2011-04-21 03:35:51.0)
as long as it objective is center peace and development
by Mohaliden M. (2010-06-06 13:32:51.0)
The advocacies of the organization is the worlds most needed. Peace, unity, justice and a sensible thoughts are the genuine spices of my community, country and the whole world.
by Tom S. from Minneapolis, MN (2008-09-12 07:25:18.0)
I met a Mary Lou, a volunteer at NP, at a protest in early '03 (this was the 2nd protest I'd every attended in my 63 years). I learned about NP's mission & background. After meeting the director & staff, I began spending 3 to 4 hours a week there. It wasn't too long and I made a personal commitment to invest at least 2 to 3 times as much time working for something, as protesting against something. The staff has worked with me to blend the needs of NP with my personal skills & interests. After serving 2 years in the US Army during the VN era & 28 years working with veterans at the VA Medical Center & MN Veterans Home, I became honestly convinced that NP was a far better approach to conflict resolution. I also believe that this offers the potential for a better world for my/our 4 kids & 6 grandchildren. Peace & Love, Tom