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Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Miramar's Cultural Affairs department is to gather together our culturally diverse community and engage citizens from every walk of life in unique educational and cultural opportunities.


Department Description

The Cultural Affairs department of the City of Miramar administers arts and cultural programs, performances and activities offering diverse cultural experiences through the Miramar Cultural Center│ArtsPark.

These programs and activities extend to banquet services and event planning; as well as art gallery exhibitions.

The Center is supported by two boards of distinct purposes, the Cultural Arts Advisory Board, a Commission appointed board made up of community members empowered to provide an engaged citizen's perspective regarding programming desires and interests; and a fundraising board, the Miramar Cultural Trust, Inc, a not-for- profit board designed to generate monies, membership, endowments and corporate engagement that encourage fiscal support for the Center.

Moreover, an effort to create relationships, programming and showcasing of local individuals and groups is actively pursued to enhance the Center's cultural events whenever possible. A strong emphasis is placed on supporting and incorporating education within the Center's program offerings, as well as creating awareness and support for intended impact of planned programming.

Department Objectives

  • Develop Co-sponsor relationships to enhance the City's ability to deliver a greater number of activities in the Center.
  • Strategically develop and implement Education programming.
  • Develop a strategic Outreach program to harness relationships of corporate organizations and their industry peer groups; as well as within communities within the City of Miramar.
  • Cultivate the Center as a significant Cultural asset to the local business community.
  • Deliver a complete roster of programmed spaces that support the well-rounded interests of the Miramar citizen and create a steady utilization of the building compartmentally.
  • Foster the development of patrons as repeat users, renters and investors in the Center.
  • Develop an independent website to support the Cultural Center │ArtsPark that can be utilized as a portal to enhance other City offerings.
  • Promote vitalization and economic development initiatives throughout the City by bringing in the Arts to these areas.



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