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Mission Statement

Our mission is to intervene in the cycle of abuse on the grass roots level with an emphasis on volunteer participation and community involvement and to offer individuals caught in that cycle alternative ways of interacting and of understanding relationships so that they can develop healthy lives beyond abuse.


LBA is a domestic abuse survivors' support organization offering counseling, support, supervised child visitation, monitored child transfer and other programs.

We offer individual counseling, support groups, referrals, advice, transitional housing, life/job skills training, community education, supervised child visitation and monitored child exchange/transfer.

Volunteering Opportunities: Available for individuals and groups, including direct service and support roles. Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) opportunities are also available.

Program Focuses: Domestic abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, elder abuse and neglect, stalking, sexual assault, dating violence/abuse.

Office Hours: ***By appointment.*** Please call ahead so that we can best provide individualized, private, and uninterupted services to our clients.



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by evelyn f. (2013-05-01 06:55:25.0)
abuse can have an huge impact on your daily life and the peoples that you love....I feel the longer a person stay with someone the harder it is for the person to move on but you can you have to take a few step but it can be done. first step to forgive yourself and then get into counseling..to learn to forgive yourself and then work on safety and find a support group to help you when time is hard...never stop thinking that you can't do stuff and keep an positive attitude about life...count all your blessing...the gifts and the blessing that comes your way ...never blame yourself stop blaming yourself into church thank GOD and ask him to help you though and show you a new way of life because you deserve better always be honest to yourself never lie to yourself because that only hurts you...just think everyday that there is someone out there maybe going though the same thing...you will never know until you trust in the god, because his son died for your sins and never give up.believe