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Mission Statement

"Developing Christian disciples through Bible Education in School Time"

The term "Developing" speaks to the limits of our educational enterprise. While we fully expect our students to have a wonderful experience in our classes, we recognize that there is only so much that can be achieved in the classroom and a student’s participation in our class is only one step on their road to maturity. However, it also speaks to our hope that real growth will take place, not just the transmission of knowledge.

The term "Christian" speaks to the fact that we do not want our students to become our disciples, but rather disciples of Jesus. "Disciples" describes what we hope our students will become; not merely lukewarm Christians but truly committed believers who understand the claims of God on their lives.

The phrase "through Bible Education in School Time" describes the unique nature of how we seek to achieve the aforementioned goals. We are not a church or a Christian club, we provide Biblical education, and we provide it to public school students, during their school day.

We believe this ministry platform has a lot of strengths and we seek to fully capitalize on it. We consider ourselves blessed to be given this responsability, and we strive to keep it at the forefront of our ministry at all times.


Spartanburg County Bible Education in School Time is dedicated to educating and discipling the youth of Spartanburg County. We seek to achieve this objective by providing courses that are designed to familiarize the students with the Bible and help them make a rock-solid, life-long commitment to Christ. We trust you would agree that shaping and molding the next generation is always an extremely high priority for the church, and we hope you will want to share in our vision.



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