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Mission Statement

We work to help make the world more sustainable, just, peaceful and beautiful now and for all future generations. Our focus is to help end extreme global poverty much more quickly and cost effectively with programs that get to the roots of this major challenge. We work to accomplish this through public education, advocacy and lobbying in the United States and eventually in other wealthy nations.


This is an exciting time.

For most activities, we require at least a year of experience - and several years for some activities. Except for those with high level, professional skills, we ask most volunteers to average at least 15 hours a week. Some exceptions to these guidelines are possible. You can speak with us about this before you come in.

If possible, please include your resume, and if it's relevant for you, we appreciate a link to samples of your work.

Hearts & Minds - www.change.net - is a volunteer, non-profit organization. More info on volunteeering with us: http://heartsandminds.org/volunteer.htm

Thanks to our volunteers, we’ve averaged $7 worth of work for each dollar we've spent since 1996!


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Would you recommend Hearts & Minds?

by Dee C. from New York, NY (2018-03-17 21:35:05.0)
A very important cause that would welcome more volunteers to achieve it. A President who is very behind the vision.
by Odile S. (2016-05-18 11:49:55.0)
This nonprofit was very organized, and they were easy to work with. I did some initial work for them, and was lined up to do more — when my work schedule quite suddenly expanded. I'd been interviewing for two different projects (one freelance, one contract), both came through, and I decided to take on both. That along with another project I was already involved with meant there was no more give in my schedule, not for the next twelve months.
by Alethea C. (2014-08-21 14:26:26.0)
I joined Hearts & Minds last month and I strongly recommended to be a volunteer here! You can work with a range of projects, improve your skills, share your thoughts with all team and contribute for this respectful organization. Great place to volunteer!