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Mission Statement


The mission of The Talented Tenth Boys Academy is to provide a better quality of life for male youth. Ultimately, our goal is to maximize their opportunities for growth academically, socially and emotionally. The Talented Tenth Boys Academy is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fostering a new paradigm of teaching and learning.


The Talented Tenth plans to become the leader in mentoring and educating male youth for the future of tomorrow. The Talented Tenth Boys Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to fostering a new paradigm of teaching and learning experiences. The Talented Tenth Boys Academy will expose male youth to an array of opportunities, equip them with skill, and define their talents. By maximizing their educational opportunities they will increase their options of becoming college graduates.


It is our belief that education is based on a trusting relationship with the stakeholders that present, provide, and prepare all conduits of the learning atmosphere. This trusting relationship will offer fairness, equity, and a constant pursuit to provide a more rigorous learning culture.

We believe that students are to be academically placed, so that proper training may occur without frustration. Our goal is to increase our students’ self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect. Above adequate training will ultimately provide a high value for members of our global community.

We believe that the school should be an extension of the church and of Godly homes; therefore parental participation in the school is not optional.


At The Tenth, our goal is to enhance boys’ personal growth by offering them an experience so fundamental and positive that it sets them on a course for a lifetime of success. We are excited to provide an academic program that is rigorous and engaging. Our Learning Coaches help students to develop sound work habits while encouraging their individual initiative and expression. The curriculum offer students for advance work in areas where they demonstrate special strengths, as it prepares them for admission to the best High Schools, Colleges and Universities consistent with their interests and abilities.

The purpose of this Private Christian School is to develop in its students, under Christian principles, a high sense of honor and moral integrity, a deep respect for sound scholarship, a full acceptance of responsibility, a love of excellence, and a will toward personal sacrifice in serving others.

The abiding concern of The Talented Tenth Boys Academy Private Christian School is the personal growth of its students. To this end, the school attempts to provide a broad experience with balanced emphasis on the academic, artistic, physical, and spiritual development of its students. In keeping with this objective, the faculty is more concerned with teaching students how to think than what to think.

The school seeks to maintain a secure and healthy environment for its students to go about the process of growing and learning, in the hope that every student will come to think of TTTBANC Private Christian School as a second home.

Next to the quest for peace, our organizations most important goal is the development of a high-quality educational enterprise that will prepare all young men for life in a fast-changing and complex world.

The focus of the future should be on service and excellence. We are pleased, as employees of the TTTBANC, to have the opportunity to serve and work with your son(s). The importance of teaching and learning cannot be overstated. It is our privilege and our challenge as educators to strive continually to provide quality education in our Private Christian School.

  • Your son is not an interruption of our work; he is the purpose of it.
  • Your son is not just a statistic. He is a flesh-and-blood human being with feelings and emotions like each of us.
  • Your son is one who comes to us with needs and/or wants. It is our job to fill them.
  • Your son is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment that we can provide.
  • Your son is the lifeblood of this school. Without him, we would have to close our doors.

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