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Mission Statement

The Ocean Project mission is to inspire action to protect our world’s ocean.

We empower our global network of hundreds of partner zoos, aquariums, museums (ZAMs) and other conservation organizations to communicate effectively with their visitors and the public. The Ocean Project provides our partners with cutting-edge research, tools, and related resources that help ZAMs engage their audiences to take personal action to protect our ocean.


Our Mission: The Ocean Project advances ocean conservation in partnership with zoos, aquariums, and museums (ZAMs) around the world.

Our aim is to help our Partner ZAMs effectively educate and communicate for conservation action with their visitors and the public. We provide Partners with cutting-edge market research; effective outreach strategies to assist in changing attitudes and behaviors for conservation; and helpful information and tools to increase civic involvement in community conservation activities.

Since its formation in the late 1990s, The Ocean Project has grown from a handful of founding North American aquariums into the world's most extensive network for advancing ocean education and action, with approximately 1,500 Partner aquariums, zoos, science, technology, and natural history museums, and other education and conservation organizations, agencies, and institutions in all 50 U.S. states and 80 other countries.

The Ocean Project seeks to complement and build upon the work of existing institutions and organizations. Through collaboration with and among ZAMs that together serve more than 200 million visitors each year, The Ocean Project aims to spur a significant increase in the amount successful ocean conservation efforts.

Our Partners are the leading gatekeepers in providing the public with experiences that engage them, inspire them to take action at home and in their communities, and increase their understanding of science and conservation. Thus, we focus our resources on reaching and leveraging frontline ZAM staff, challenging and helping them to more effectively communicate with their onsite and online visitors for conservation outcomes.

In the United States and many other parts of the world a conservation consciousness is the exception rather than the rule. Critically important, there is a noticeable absence of a large constituency speaking out and taking action for our world's interconnected ocean, its life, and for the future generations who will inherit our planet. With our Partners, we strive to improve this situation and accomplish our goals through the following initiatives:

  • Market Research and Outreach Initiative - The Ocean Project conducts cutting-edge market research and analysis about how the public relates to the ocean in order to encourage conservation action and build environmental literacy. Our 1999 public opinion research on Americans' attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge of the ocean was the most comprehensive study ever conducted at that time. In 2008, we completed a ten-year follow-up study that re-tested and significantly expanded upon the original data; we also conducted annual tracking surveys in 2009 and 2010. Starting in 2011 we have been conducting monthly tracking surveys and producing quarterly reports. Each summer, starting in 2011, we are also producing a comprehensive annual update. This research and outreach initiative has evolved into the largest such effort ever taken on any environmental concern. As a result of our and related research our recommended communications strategies go beyond simply conveying facts and rather favor a communications approach with messages that are positive, informative, empowering, and, ultimately, effective in changing attitudes and behaviors.
  • Seas the Day Personal Action Initiative - The Ocean Project helps our Partners effectively reach their audiences for personal and societal action by developing inspirational information, tools, and products based on the latest market and public opinion research.
  • World Oceans Day - The Ocean Project continues to lead efforts to promote and coordinate World Oceans Day on June 8th of each year. This worldwide celebration is now officially recognized by the United Nations and celebrated in dozens of countries each year.

Providing Customizable Partner Benefits and Services

The Ocean Project provides many related benefits and services for our Partners, all geared toward helping communicate for conservation. Seas the Day provides our Partners with conservation-themed content, updated monthly, for use in their exhibits, programs, and activities, including tangible ways Partners can inspire their visitors and the public to "take ocean conservation personally." Our customizable products and tools can be tailored to each Partner's situation and needs. For example, these mission-driven products can be used in retail, as membership premiums, and for development purposes.

All Partners and other friends can receive our e-newsletter, Blue Planet News to Use, and our Seas the Day personal action update, featuring a new conservation theme each month. Remember to visit our blog for the latest information and tools to help you in become even more efficient and effective in your work to help conserve our blue planet.

Calling All Potential Partners!

If you`re affiliated with a ZAM or other organization or agency that is not yet a Partner, please join our global network. If you have questions, please contact us!



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