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Mission Statement

ALGO MAS Into All The World Christian Missions-Golfito 4651 Barrio Alemeda Correos de Costa Rica, S.A.#95-8201 Golfito, Costa Rica Tel. 011-506-775-2407 shepherdrest@yahoo.com ALGO MAS Formerly Into All The World Christian Mission-Golfito Into All the world Christian Missions (IATWCM) is a not for profit (501 ( c ) (3)) corporation begun in 1989 for the express purpose of establishing missions around the world, especially in the Caribbean basin. IATWCM was established by the now retired pastor of the Merrell Road Christian Church. In it's early inception, the immediate objective was to establish a mission in Golfito, Costa Rica to assist the homeless children there. Golfito, Costa Rica, a small port town in southwestern Costa Rica, is situated at the base of a mountainous jungle reserve and is a perfect little harbor within the Golfo Dulce (sweet gulf). Wildlife, including hundreds of rainforest species of mammals, sea life, birds, butterflies and reptiles abound. It was formerly the major shipping port for the old United Fruit Company with over 90% of Costa Rica's banana exports leaving from this bustling little town. A little over two decades ago the United Fruit Company moved out of Costa Rica and took all the jobs with them, leaving the majority of the inhabitants of this delightful town jobless. With the onset of the resultant poverty the children were the first to suffer and were left homeless, abandoned and abused. The medical care, although free, is of poor quality, and only available to a portion of the citizens. The flavor and ambiance of the successful era can still be felt. The wooden plantation style architecture, the laid back "pura vida" lifestyle and the offbeat character of the lively old town center all combine to give you a feel for the traditions of a "Banana Republic." The surrounding natural beauty and points of interest offer so many options for exploration and tranquility alike. Because we were doing "so much more" we decided to change our name to Algo Mas Currently Algo Mas is operating on six fronts: (a) Medical: Assisting the hospital upgrade the quality of medical care given through educational programs involving visiting physician specialists from the United States and distributing supplies and equipment donated in the United States and transported by Algo Mas. Providing through mission trips, physical therapy, dental programs, eyeglass programs and other specialty care. (b) Churches, by sponsoring "sister churches in the United states, and mission trips for persons interested in assisting these churches with supplies, equipment and labor to build new or improve their facilities. (c) Schools: fostering the development of sister schools in the United States, and mission groups to assist in the repair and upgrade of the school facilities. Also by bringing specialized teaching programs and people to help provide higher quality education to the children of Golfito. (d) Children: The current emphasis and the largest portion of the efforts of Algo Mas is to assist the children of Golfito, especially the homeless and foster children, and thereby improve the quality of life for those neglected, abused and abandoned children. This is being accomplished by; assisting the government agency PANI (Patronato De La Infancia) which is under funded and under staffed, accomplish their task by: distribution of clothes and toys; medicine and vitamins; provide a temporary shelter for these children allowing PANI to adequately screen both the children and the foster homes; special training programs for children to better prepare them for a life of independence away from poverty. School uniforms are needed for over 100 children. (e) Poverty Reduction: Working with Economists to perform a needs assessment and recommend methods to decrease unemployment and increase income among the citizens. To sponsor development of business and industry in the community. We also transport containers of donations from the United States and distribute these items among the less fortunate. (f) Working with groups to improve the standard of living and quality of life by various means of support and through Community Education programs. Some of our accomplishments are listed below. q Completely remodeling the Office for PANI. q A Physical Therapy group came to Golfito twice, examined and treated over 100 patients, fitted and provided several amputees with prosthesis including one 11 year old girl, double below knee amputee, with two working legs. They also provided a number of wheel chairs, crutches, walkers, braces and even repaired and painted the "Hogar de AnciaƱos" (home for the aged). q Christmas 2001: a group from Community Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Florida brought 22 suitcases full of presents for over 150 underprivileged children. Most of these children were foster children under the protection of PANI. They also repaired and painted a church in Rio Claro and left a sizeable donation to assist in the re-opening of that church. q Raised funds to support and provide food for ACERRAG (local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center). q Taken in children into our house as a shelter to assist PANI in placement. One 7 year old boy is being adopted by a lovely family and is currently living on a farm near-by).We currently have living with us a 14 month old girl and her 17 year old mother who is trying to finish her education before she turns 18 and loses the meager financial support of PANI when she turns 18. q Distributed over 150 boxes of clothes, three truck loads of supplies and equipment to the hospital, three truck loads of furniture, wheel chairs, and other items to Hogar de AnciaƱos, recliners to handicapped, and many chairs, tables and other household items to needy families and individuals. q We have developed a food collection program for ACERRAG in Golfito. q Provided a number of school uniforms to children enabling them to attend school. One hundred more uniforms are needed q All of the groups have visited certain churches and contributed financially during their visit. q Several groups are scheduled to come to Golfito to finish a church outside Rio Claro, to work with the school at km3, to build a home for a very needy family. The Physical therapy group will return as well as the Christmas group. q We will have two Economics Graduate students with us this summer to study means for poverty reductions and a visiting professor of Economics q We are making many friends and letting them know that people in the US care. WE CAN ALWAYS USE YOUR HELP ALL CONTRIBUTIONS MAY BE TAX DEDUCTABLE IN THE US CONTACT MIKE STEVENSON 1015 ATLANTIC BLVD., #148 ATLANTIC BEACH, FL. 32233 904-743-5297 algomasusa@hotmail.com


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