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Mission Statement

NJ FAIR was organized to foster the best interest of our communities in order to keep them safe, thus lessening neighborhood tensions.
We are attempting to eliminate prejudice and discrimination and to
further the common welfare and well-being of sex offenders re-entering the
community. NJ FAIR provides strategic resources and evidence-based information to leaders in communities, in the state, educational institutions, government, law enforcement, and general
public for leadership development.

We are here to promote and defend human and civil rights secured by law through educational materials, professional and personal relationships, and networking both at the state and federal levels, without limitation or provisions restricting such purposes to our accomplishments. We do this only in a charitable manner so our purposes will not be sufficiently limited.


The purposes for which this corporation is to be an organization devoted to educating and providing a support group for registered persons within the state of New Jersey, their family members, friends and supporters, as well as the general public regarding actions that affect the basic civil rights of registered persons in New Jersey. The state of New Jersey has more than 15,000 individuals listed on the registry of the New Jersey State Police -- www. state.nj.us and to those F/RSOs not publish on The Registry, their family, friends, and supporters.

The civil rights of many registered persons have been significantly harmed by existing laws, regulations, and policies within the state of New Jersey. Examples range from the "inconvenience" lifetime parole and long years on the Internet Public Registry in addition to harassment and death at the hands of a vigilantes.

Publishing and distributing pamphlets, brochures, and a variety of types of material of educational value directed towards promoting the public interest and lessing tensions by educationing the general public and leaders regarding evidence-based facts. These materials will be made available at no cost to the general public, leaders in communities and in the state, educational institutions, government, law enforcement so that they can read the material and draw their own conclusions based on what they know and what they have just read.



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