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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement: Our Mission is to improve the lives of the animals under our care, to be timely and compassionate in our response to customer issues, to educate through community outreach and public awareness, and to provide for the health and safety of the citizens and animals of Ventura County. Our Vision Statement: Ventura County Animal Services will be a catalyst in working toward a future where everyone is a responsible pet owner, there are no unwanted pets, and the rabies virus is no longer a menace to animals and humans.


VCAS is an open entry, municipal animal shelter serving 8 cities in Ventura County as well as all unincorporated areas of the County. VCAS currently holds a No-Kill status and has since January 2014. We are looking for passionate, dedicated, self-motivated volunteers to help us continue our mission of keeping Ventura County No-Kill. All volunteer positions are key in our achievement of this worthy mission, and for maintaining it as well.


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Would you recommend Ventura County Animal Services?

by Maddy L. from Ventura, CA (2017-07-13 12:21:35.0)
They never responded back to me.
by Raymond R. (2016-08-18 07:44:18.0)
I applied to volunteer/assist on August 4th, 2016 Never heard back. I saw it posted again on the 18th and when i applied, the site rejected it, saying i had already applied. I have no inside knowledge of volunteering here as my only experience was adopting a Dog back 2007 which was a positive experience. Then i read the previous volunteers experience and am a little glad i wasn't called back or allowed to reapply. I currently volunteer elsewhere and decided to increase my hours there.
by Merina M. (2014-05-29 13:28:44.0)
The experience was just ok. The training was very long, four Saturdays in a row. I didn't get to interact with many people and I felt that the impact I wanted to make was not going to happen. I would go in once a week, clean cages and do some laundry. Eventually after a few months, it became a bit of a chore to go in so I stopped going in. The organization itself was fine, I know they truly cared about the animals. But volunteering there was just not what I was expecting.