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Mission Statement

The mission of the Organization is to provide the services, support and resources necessary to cultivate and ensure a vibrant creative community in the Triangle region of North Carolina.


The Research Triangle has long been recognized as one of the most creative regions in the country with a broad range of creative people, organizations and businesses. But rapid growth has changed this previous group of small towns and cities into a large vibrant region where it is harder for members of the arts and creative community to connect to each other and to locate the resources they need. While the region has arts organizations in its municipalities that provide services and support, ArtWorks will create a regional platform for this community to come together to explore ways to fill any gaps in support, and to promote this community and its members, with a focus on economic development. The ultimate goal is not only to create a communication center and network, but also to create, through this effort, a powerful regional arts community where municipal and business leaders and the general public understand not only the direct economic impact of the community, but also the importance of the arts and creativity to their lives and their work.

What will ArtWorks do?

To accomplish its Mission, Triangle ArtWorks will work across the Region to do the following:

Connect - Through its website and programs, ArtWorks will help build and connect a community of creative individuals, groups and businesses, as well as supporters and patrons of these groups across the Triangle. We will also enable the communication of information to and between these groups.

Support - ArtWorks will provide easy access to information about resources already available and, where additional resources are needed, work to create and promote those resources through collaboration, or Triangle ArtWorks programs.

Inform - ArtWorks will keep abreast of political or social issues that affect the creative community and communicate this information in a timely manner through our network, as well as support and encourage increased civic engagement of this community.

Create -ArtWorks will work with current arts organizations serving the region to determine possible ways to consolidate or economize access to services and resources for artists and maximize exposure to existing resources. ArtWorks will convene necessary parties and inform the creation of new programs that are needed by the creative community,

Promote -ArtWorks will work to create affordable methods for artists and arts groups to promote themselves, their organizations, and businesses both within the Triangle community and to the public. ArtWorks will also work collaboratively towards promotion of this community as a whole.

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