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Mission Statement

SciTech's mission is to engage people in experiencing and learning science and technology in a fun and interactive way.

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To achieve this mission, we have established the following goals:

  • Enhance the public understanding of science and demonstrate its relevance in everyday life
  • To make technology and science concepts accessible and exciting through exploration and discovery
  • To reach out to the populations that are underrepresented in technology and science careers
  • To inspire young people to develop their talents in the fields of technology and science
  • To develop innovative exhibits and programs for a diverse population through local, nation and international collaborations
  • To develop Centers of Excellence based on forefront topics which include
    • Information Technology (Communications)
    • Energy and Environment
    • Outdoor Science
    • Young Discovery
    • Physical Sciences
    • Life Sciences


SciTech Museum was formed by Scientists from Fermi Nation Accelerator Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory in 1988. A Group was formed from volunteers from the research facilities as well as the Illinois Research and Development Corridor to create hands on exhibits to provide students and adults direct experience with scientific exploration. SciTech opened its doors to the public in June of 1990.

About 1/3 of the exhibits were purchased and the rest were built in house by volunteers, SciTech Club for Girls and full time exhibit developers. The major exhibit areas include the Solar Exhibition, Modern Physics, Magnets and Electricity, Mathematics and Structures, Sports Science, Motion, Weather, Sound and Music, Light and new Technologies, Optical Illusions, the Physics of Aquatic Animals and an Outdoor Science Park. The Museum is supported by two national laboratories and by volunteers from leading High Tech companies.

SciTech was founded on the belief that each generation of scientists has a duty to inspire their successors to continue the progress as well as inspire children in science. Today, SciTech reaches over 75,000 youths a year, offering a wide variety of educational programs and over 200 hands-on exhibits.



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