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Mission Statement

Youth Volunteer for Change is a youth organization that provides a platform for empowering young people, women, and communities in large through community development work. YVC is a membership organization that exists of members from all walks of life, irrespective of academic status, creed, religion, nationality and political affiliation. It consists of young people from Kenya and other parts of the world YVC seeks to bring the youth from diverse cultures together by identifying and nurturing their talents, so that they can teach each other. YVC`s programs focuses on youth exchange programs that provide voluntary opportunities to Kenyan youth as well as intercultural learning from both Kenyan and youth from abroad. Being a voluntary organization YVC has the capacity of mobilizing international and national volunteers to participate in community development projects and give them chance to gain experience from those different challenging projects.


Brief history In 2006, youth from the sprawling Kibera slum met to form the community based organization (CBO) Youth Work for Change (YWC). Thus, in September 2008 YWC moved to another level as we were registered as non- governmental organization by the NGO’S Board, in the name of Youth Volunteer for Change (YVC). From the year 2006 YVC we have been organizing different event with youth in different places in Kenya as the work camp and one day event for mobilizing youth and discussing most attaching issues affecting youth today OUT COME OF OUR PROGRAMS For the youth and volunteers in participating in our social community development activities they are able to achieve a lot such as Opportunity to volunteer, Exercise they skills, Cultural exchange, Experiential learning , Exposure to challenges of development (social, economic), Satisfaction of making a contribution ,Travel and discovery, Discover the need to empower the less fortunate society, Become aware of our need to discuss and support M.D.G’s all over the nations and Learn how to work independently and understand themselves better. We also believe though our exchange program the community benefit also in Cultural exchange (sharing and learning from the volunteer too), Filling gaps of what not in society (create appropriate structures in the community) also Matching of skills Conclusion YVC programs are sect to enable youth get opportunity to understand different Kenyan culture as while as development in our society and as organization we manage to cover our main goal in our programs which we aim to empower three main group of people in Kenya Children, youth and Women in community development and creation of job( while working together with other development partners in Commitments in the Millennium Declaration (The M.D.G’s) and also giving them opportunity to be self independence by understanding the rule of development among they society. By involving volunteers from different part of the world in our program as we believe in sharing and information is a tool to development as it’s stated in M.D.G’s on part (8)Develop a global partnership for development we are proudly sure our society /volunteer will be able to learn from each on A call to be an Agent of Change Youth volunteer for change welcome all person’s, groups, organization and institutions of social and development to join us in our mission and as our motto say together we make change and as we all believe change begins with you and me, we are presenting our profile info hoping it will give you a motivation of giving little of time to think of voluntarism as a tool of development which as organization we believe is one way of decreasing the gap between rich and poor by giving every one an opportunity to share what we have in different. Knowledge, experience, time and our energy it all what you need to make a change to someone who need us so much. Just imagine of those who have no opportunity like we have! They Haven’t get opportunity to get expose to our developed world, to better education, to that experience you have and many others it time to break that tie of ignorance and move to the needy in our society share and make the change you wish to see!



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