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Mission Statement

S.P.C.A. of Connecticut, Inc. was formed to help establish a statewide organized team of caring individuals dedicated to finding quality homes for all homeless cats and dogs and ending the use of euthanasia as a means of population control. The S.P.C.A. of Connecticut, Inc. mission includes building a high volume spay/neuter clinic and a state of the art regional no kill animal shelter. SPCA pets will be sheltered and cared for until adopted and never euthanized except in cases of terminal illness, unrelievable pain and suffering or dangerous and irreversible behavior problems. S.P.C.A. of Connecticut, Inc. will strive to provide comprehensive services including: - a safe haven for cats and dogs - create and promote "No More Homeless Pets, Connecticut" in conjunction with the national movement - a low cost/high volume spay/neuter clinic - a temporary shelter for the animals of domestic violence victims - medical and behavioral assistance - adoption services - long term care for animals who are not adopted - a refuge for homeless, sick or injured cats and dogs - promotion of responsible ownership and the importance of spay/neuter - community alliances with other humane organizations


NO MORE HOMELESS PETS - CONNECTICUT The SPCA of Connecticut has announced an historic initiative for the community that will radically improve the prospects of homeless animals in the Northeast. This long range plan promises that if an animal is healthy, regardless of age, disability, deformity or disfigurement, he or she will be guaranteed a loving home. Keys to achieving the plan include an aggressive spay/neuter program and expanded humane education programs in a new state-of-the-art adoption center. The SPCA plans to build the first regional No Kill animal shelter and high volume spay/neuter clinic with a goal of eliminating the killing of adoptable animals in Connecticut. The new facility will mark a major breakthrough in achieving our mission of the care and welfare of animals in our community. We have already made enormous strides toward completing this plan. We are at the beginning of a capital campaign to raise the $11 million needed to fund the land purchase and building of the facility. "We are working toward ending our Connecticut's reliance on killing as its means of addressing the pet overpopulation problem," said Frederick Acker, executive director of the SPCA. The new adoption center will feature 21st century humane kenneling concepts, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, a modern hospital room for pets in the rehabilitation program, individual walk-in adoption rooms for dogs and cats, an auditorium, obedience training areas and indoor/outdoor pet exercise areas. "We are searching for the ideal location," Acker said. "We will build a facility that is accessible to residents of the entire state." Connecticut has a terrible companion animal overpopulation problem. Far too many animals are cared for each year by the poorly funded public animal control facilities that rely on euthanasia as a means of population control. It hurts us all to see animals killed. For many years we have agonized over animals spending their days uncared for and unloved. We are thrilled by the prospect of soon seeing an end to both, and invite everyone in the community to join us in making this happen now. To make a contribution or to join the No More Homeless Pets Team, please contact Frederick Acker at (203) 445-9978.



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