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Mission Statement

Cycie2000 offers challenges that make life more meaningful, worthwhile, and personally rewarding. A lot depends on the willingness of its members to identify and seek out these opportunities; Cycie2000 is the club that supports the philosophy of leaning by doing. Hence it's idea is not for members to look for what the club can do for them, but to see what they can do for themselves, their community and the individual around them through the club. Cycie2000 is to contribute also to the advancement of the global community by providing various opportunities for youths to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, technical skills, understanding, and fellowship necessary to create positive change in themselves, the community and more also than the global community (universe).


Cycie2000 is in collaboration with various bodies, associations, firms, government and non-governmental organizations as well as the various institutions in the world. The club deals with the various ways to improve and protect the youths from digestion, failure, frustration, negligence and drugs. Which according to some youths are taken because they feel it would heal/help their states. Cycie2000 is to create a forum for programs, teaching, seminars, discussions, exchanges programs, research programs, voluntary programs and technical programs in schools, and in the various community or otherwise the youths centers. This is to help the youths live successfully, self-sustained, to live peacefully, cooperatively, and industrious in their community. Cycie2000 is occupied with respectful and high level individual such as, Engineers, Doctors, Ministers, Community leaders / Builders, Governors, Accountants, Lawyers, Business people and Diplomatic individual etc. From various places and organizations in the world who have decided to join hand in hand with the club to help assist in the welfare of the youths, and students in the society. Cycie2000 believes that technology can be improved on, if the youths are given the opportunity to bring ideals together on those aspects. And employment's can be rampant in the society if the youth's minds are opened to various ways and systems of running, maintaining, servicing and establishing an industry in the society. And creativity will be rampant if the youths are given the chance for creative options and an open doors of practices and training in the society. Agriculture can be improved if the youths are taught the various ways to do it practically. And are trained on how to prepare feeds supplements for animals, and to give the right and proper treatments to crops of various kinds. On how to build pens, make farms and to improve technological items on farming. The environment will be more peaceful and conducive if the youths are taught to have human consideration, love and moral characters, and the fear of God. Education will be more interesting, if the youths are allowed to participate in various educational programs from exchange programs/facilities, to free and equal right on sharing ideas, opinion, and to ask questions relating to culture, moral, and social development in the society. Cycie2000 believes also that the youths have a feeling of not been properly catered for either by their parents, institutions, or the society. In contrast to this, it is a good news that the Club Cycie2000 is all embracing to satisfy, guide and lead not only the students but also the youths (age 11-28) to "green pastures" and "still waters" that their soul may be restored and refreshed with God's blessings and peace. Cycie2000 knows that the overall success of the youths in their academic, social and moral lives is one of its greatest concerns. Since the students in secondary institution and post-secondary institutions are no more children and majorities of them are not yet adults, they need special care, handling, and attentions. Cycie2000 recognized the facts that in every nation people wants their investments in education to yield benefits to their country, community, and people. For this reasons education at least at the primary level is compulsory for all children and youths, yet in many parts of the world. Investment in education are not achieving this full potentials despite hard work by committed teachers and administrators, schools in both developing countries could achieve much more than they achieve now, if they could practice more through exchange programs and training as they do learning. More also, due to unemployment and unconducive situation in the society. Many qualified students and youths that could have been of much importance to the development of their community have taken to their heels. By running to a more comfortable and conducive places, where they can serve and enjoyed their life without distractions. Cycie2000 believes that when the youths are properly provided with all necessary facilities that could make them live peacefully without distractions they would serve a better place/chance for national / international development.



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